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2018 Barn Repair Prices | How Much Does Barn Repair Cost?

Barns are historic. They represent the transition that families and the surrounding communities have undergone throughout the years. However, the age of the barn or the construction technology used shouldn’t be an excuse for its inability to keep your grains in top condition or ensure the safety of your animals. Whenever your barn ceases to function like it used to, there’s no better way to approach the situation than getting barn repair contractors to improve its performance.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Barn?

A good barn repair contractor will analyze the structure of your barn to find all the damaged sections before giving you a quote. Small complications might need very few additional materials and labor while increased damage will demand replacement of crucial parts. The cost to repair a barn will, therefore, vary depending on the contractor working on the task and the extent of the damages.

The cost to repair a barn with minor damages should be about $200 while major fixes will set you back $1500. Generally, the average barn repair cost is about $700.

To get a better estimate of the budget you should allocate, here are a couple of things to consider;

  • Do the walls need extensive jacking and bracing?
  • The amount of roof and wall damage
  • The grade of sheathing needed
  • The state of the foundation. Rebuilding a foundation will inflate the barn repair cost.

Before you hire anyone to begin restoring or rehabilitating your barn, we recommend comparing quotes from local barn repair professionals. By starting your project off this way you get the benefit of paying a competitive price for a quality guaranteed service.

Common Barn Repairs

Continuous exposure to the wind, sun and rain over time can trigger a variety of issues in your barns structure and/or exterior. Some of these problems only need a fresh coat of paint to solve while others might require replacement of parts.

If the barn sits in the path of the wind, it is likely to suffer damage to the tow or the beam of the barn. To counter this problem, barn repair contractors will have to improve its stability by installing wind braces.

Insects are another common cause of damages on the foundation of the barn. Mild insect damage will require that you repair the foundation of the barn while in severe cases, you’d need to replace the entire barn.

Apart from these, the other common repairs include:

  • Siding repair and replacement
  • Replacement of rotten and decayed wood
  • Roof repairs and replacement
  • Replacement of the threshing floor
  • Repair and replacement of windows and doors

The cost to repair each of these problems varies with the extent of the damage. While some of the problems including repair and replacement of doors and windows can be done fast, other issues, especially those that affect the foundation of the barn, may require a lot of time, labor, and materials to solve.

When you need repairs done, a barn repair professional will have to analyze the extent of the damage and determine the necessary repairs.

How To Keep Barn Repair Costs On The Low

As indicated earlier, the cost to repair a barn depends on the extent of the damages. This means that if you perform regular repair and maintenance, you’ll spend less on repairs and renovations altogether. If you are conserving the barn for historic purposes, you might want to get a contractor who is within your budget and understands the traditional craftsmanship used when creating the barn.

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