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2018 Patio Enclosures Cost | Average Price To Enclose A Patio?

Adding a new deck will add value to your home and expand your living space. Homeowners often explore this option as a means of expanding without having the budget of adding another room. Open patios are not always suitable for year-round use, however, one of the best ways to get the most out of your deck or patio is by building an enclosure to cover it entirely.

This will not only protect the deck and furniture from seasonal inclement weather and debris carried by the wind, but screening it off will keep mosquitoes and other pests at bay too. Building a patio enclosure will also add value to your property as you expand your existing living space. 

How Much Will It Cost To Enclose a Patio?

The total cost to enclose a patio depends on the size, materials used, the contractor you choose, regional pricing trends and the extras you add to enhance your patio's functionality.

For this cost guide, we will base our calculations on a 200 sq ft area.

Most projects come in at around $5,000 - $23,800 to complete, but, not surprisingly, the main factor influencing the total cost to enclose your patio is the size of the area you have.

If you would like to add special features, such as custom windows or interior decorations to create an honest to goodness living space with some furniture and some other decorating touches, the costs of your projected new patio enclosure will fall on the higher end of the scale, and could be in excess of $55,000. 

As you can see, the costs will vary drastically, coming in at anywhere between $25 - $275 per sq ft, and will ultimately depend on the design choices you make. 

Patio enclosures increase the square footage of your home's living area, and can vary drastically in their price range. Be sure to understand exactly what look you will be going for, and then discuss all your options with a local contractor. 

Decisions To Make

Materials, labor, and environmental considerations will vary from region to region. Before any work can be done, you have to consider the following:

Awning or Roof

One of the most important decisions to make when enclosing a patio is, are you going with a full roof or an awning. Awnings are much more affordable, coming in at around $2,000 - $3,000, but they are less sturdy. An awning is okay when incorporated with screened-in sides, but for year-round enclosures, it's usually better to serve their purpose when covered with a traditional roof. This will include roof trusses and a support beam system to tie into existing house, so be sure to get a more accurate estimate when discussing your options with a contractor in your area.  


One major expense of building a patio enclosure will be the windows. In colder climates, windows should be double-glazed for their improved insulation. But these high-quality windows will come at a steeper cost. Budget for anywhere between $300 - $1000 per window.


Screens are much less pricey, but will only protect against small debris and bugs. Screens are also only of much use in warmer climates unless you consider extras like a patio heater, a fire pit or even an outdoor fireplace. This could increase the overall cost to enclose your patio anywhere from $100 for a patio heater to as much as $6,000 for an outdoor fireplace.  

It's highly recommend that you get in touch with contractors in your area to compare estimates for a more accurate breakdown of the costs and to get a better idea what price range your unique project will come in at. 

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