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2018 Satellite Dish Installation Prices | How Much Does Satellite Dish Installation Cost?

Satellite television service can be a great alternative to traditional cable services. With literally thousands of channels to choose from and packages appropriate to a variety of interests; a serious sports lover or movie buff will be thrilled by the options afforded by a satellite provider.

Although it can be a little tough to predict the exact cost to install a satellite dish, there are a few factors that all installers will use to determine localized pricing. Check a few details to figure out whether your installation will align with the average cost in your area, and then hit up a local installer for an exact figure.

How Much Will It Cost to Install a Satellite Dish?

Well, the cost to install a satellite dish in your area will depend on several factors:


Your installer will pick the best spot on your roof for reception and then mount the dish securely. Then, he will route cable between the tuner and the dish, and he’ll waterproof the connection where it exits your home. He’ll test the connection and make sure everything works well, and provide cleanup for the installation.

Number of Screens in Your Home

How fancy of an A/V setup do you have in your home? Installing a dish to serve one television will cost less than installation for a home with multiple screens.

Conditions on Your Roof

Hiring a reputable professional means you don’t have to risk your neck climbing onto your roof for satellite dish installation, but even professionals will charge more for a roof that’s particularly steep or high. If moving around up there is going to involve special equipment like harnessing, expect an upcharge from your installer.

Bundled Packaging: Make sure to ask your satellite provider about installation services. If they’ll install for free, you’ll save quite a bit, so be sure to ask around.

Total Cost

The average cost of satellite dish installation can vary quite a bit based on the above factors. Installations will run $100 at the low end, and as much as $400 at the top end. The average satellite dish installation, however, will cost around $200. 

Remember that your location will make a big impact on this cost, so you’ll need to contact a local professional for an estimate to get a better idea of what you will be paying.

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