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2018 Wood Carport Prices | How Much Does It Cost To Build a Wood Carport?

Less than a garage, but certainly more than uncovered parking, a carport can be just what you need to keep your vehicles protected from the elements while providing additional storage or workspace. Between wood, concrete, and roofing material, the cost to build a wood carport can quickly add up. So why bother? A carport, although still a large-scale project with significant costs, will always be less expensive than a garage, which will include insulation and automation. It may also be placed in a variety of locations, as opposed to a garage, which is almost universally attached to the residence. So, how much does it cost to build a wood carport

How Much Does Wood Carport Building Cost?

Let’s look at some of the costs you can anticipate if you build a wood carport measuring 26 square feet. The following points need to be taken into consideration when preparing your budget.

  • site prep
  • concrete
  • lumbar
  • roofing
  • labor

Building a carport requires a certain amount of skill and knowledge. Have you considered hiring a professional contractor for this task? They will ensure every aspect of the build is covered, including the materials needed, labor, and permits. Get more value for your budget by comparing quotes from local carport builders.

Site Prep

Before you can start construction, you may need to excavate or demolish. Costs will of course vary depending on the amount of work necessary, so a relatively flat, unencumbered area will be much less expensive to prep than a hillside, or a location with a pre-existing structure.


You’ll need footings and slab concrete which comes in at about $75 per cubic yard. 

For our 26x26 project, that means the concrete bill will run at least $2,000.


You’ll need posts and beams for your framing, plus rafters, bolts, and brackets. 

Of course lumbar prices can vary quite a bit, so shop around.


If you go with a corrugated PVC roofing product (a common choice for building a wood carport,) you’ll probably need panels that cost up to $15.00 each. 

Spend the few extra dollars on decent hardware and sealant to protect your investment.


This is a major factor in estimating the cost to build a wood carport. If you need both an electrician and a carpenter, you’ll average about $70 per person per hour in labor costs. Talk to your contractors about options, as you may find it beneficial to negotiate a per-job rate rather than the standard hourly fee.

Total Cost

The average cost to build a wood carport can vary quite a bit based on the above factors. The cost to build a wood carport will run $2600 at the low end, $6000 at the top end, and the average project will cost $4300. 

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