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Exterior Trim Installation Prices | How Much Does Exterior Installation Trim Cost?

If the exterior trim on your home is starting to degrade, it may be time to look into a new home renovation project. Trim is designed to do two important jobs: to keep water out, and to provide a drainage route for water not immediately directed off the house. Exterior trim installation is a simple concept, but the devil is truly in the details. Below we will discuss the cost of exterior trim installation.

Figuring out the cost to install exterior trim will largely depend on the following details:

  • Trim materials you choose
  • How much trim you need
  • Trim style
  • Labor rates

Benefits of Exterior Trim

Over time, the exterior of any home takes a beating. Damage from the weather, insects, and general neglect can really have a negative effect on your home exterior. Consider the following reasons why exterior trim installation can work for you.

Improve Your Curb Appeal

Did you know that nearly half of all homes which got sold was due to their curb appeal? If you are planning to sell or simply want to keep your home looking great, exterior trim installation is the easiest way to create a positive first impression.

Pre-Emptive Maintenance

Damp areas, moisture, and fungus can really gut a house by penetrating the siding. Exterior trim is the most prone to rot, and if there is any visible, you should stop it in its tracks before it spreads to other areas of the home. If you don't catch it early, your eventual repair bill could be huge. Consider replacing wood trim with vinyl if you have moisture and rot issues. 

Cost-Effective Upgrade

We all agree, a home with a new paint job looks great, but it takes time, it can be expensive, and it's messy. Installing new exterior trim or replacing the old instead is a lot easier. There are also pre-painted siding boards available to make life even easier.

It's important you learn all the costs associated with exterior trim. Get estimates from local installers and compare them for the best value for your money. Ask questions about your home exterior project. This will provide peace of mind when going ahead with your exterior trim installation.

How Much Will It Cost To Install Exterior Trim?

Exterior trim is available in many varying options and has no one set price. Also, consider that the current condition of your trim and siding can influence installation costs. The following estimates on the cost to install exterior trim is a general overview also based on national averages.

The cost of outdoor trim installation can vary quite a bit due to various factors. On the low end, the cost to install exterior trim will start at $1,900, and would cover a 400 - 500 linear ft area using a low-grade wood trim. On the high end, you could spend as much as $22,000 on 1000 linear ft of aluminum exterior trim for a 2 story home. The average American homeowner will typically spend $6,900 on 800 linear ft of vinyl trim. Consider the following factors in the final cost of replacing or installing exterior trim.

Trim Material Low-Cost Average High-Cost Average
Aluminum trim $5 - $20 per linear ft painted $6 - $23 per linear ft painted
Vinyl trim $2 - $5 per linear ft unpainted $3 - $6 per linear ft painted
Wood trim $2 - $10 per linear ft no detail $3 - $12 per linear ft detailed and painted

Wood Exterior Trim

Like with most construction projects, the old stand-by is wood. Wood, especially when used on outdoor jobs, has some specific and universal weaknesses. It absorbs water, which means it’s susceptible to mildew and rot. Wood is also a tasty treat for a variety of insects. Lastly, it requires a steady stream of maintenance. After you’ve completed your exterior trim installation, you’ll be priming, painting, and repeating that process for the life of your home. On the upside, wood is attractive and classic. It can also be carved for custom projects.

Cost Example

  • A 1,400 sq ft home with wood siding will require roughly 470 linear ft of wood trim. A high quality, detailed and painted wood exterior trim installation costing $12 per linear ft would total roughly $5,700. Opting for lower quality, unpainted wood, at a rate of $3 per linear ft could cost $1,400.
  • This job would take roughly 8 - 24 hours of labor to complete. Carpenters charge $70 an hour on average, totaling $560 - $1680.

Vinyl and PVC Exterior Trim

PVC looks virtually identical to wood and is impermeable to water. This means that your exterior trim installation project will last, well, almost forever. Installation techniques are similar to those used for wood, so your installer won’t need any other special skills. Expect the cost to install exterior trim in PVC to be about the same as using high-quality wood.

Cost Example

  • Vinyl exterior trim is generally available at $2 - $6 per linear ft. A 2,400 sq ft, two story home would require roughly 800 linear ft of exterior trim. Opting for a prepainted vinyl trim at $6 per linear ft would cost roughly $4,800. On the low end, non-painted vinyl trim at $2 per linear ft would cost $1,600 for materials.
  • This job would take roughly 16 - 48 labor hours to complete. It's important to remember that a two story home will increase labor costs by 20 - 30% due to the height and safety requirements. This means the standard $70 an hour labor charges can become $85 - $90 an hour. In the worst case scenario, labor here would cost around $4,300

Aluminum and Steel Exterior Trim

Aluminum and steel are strong and highly resistant to wear from the elements. Becuase of this, it's often used for exterior trim under gutters to prevent moisture getting in under the rafters. The number of corners your home has will directly influence the cost of aluminum exterior trim installation as each corner will need to be cut, mitered and sealed.

Cost Example

  • A 1,200 sq ft home requiring roughly 400 linear ft of exterior trim, at a rate of $5 - $23 per linear ft, will on the low end cost $2,000, and on the high end, as much as $9,200 for painted aluminum. 
  • Protecting and hiding seams with channel molding, flashing, and sealant will cost $160 - $350 per 400 linear ft of trim.
  • Labor rates average $40 - $65 an hour. Covering 6 exterior trim corners will take around 12 hours to complete averaging $480 - $780.

Common Exterior Trim and Rates

Type of Trim Average Cost
Stucco trim $8 - $10 per sq ft
Replace hardboard siding $3 - $5 per sq ft
Fiber cement siding trim $5 - $10 per sq ft
Replace brick trim $15 - $20 per sq ft
Natural stone trim $15 - $30 per sq ft
Replace gutters $5 - $12 per linear ft
Remove existing trim $200 - $400


As with most projects, the cost to install exterior trim will depend largely on the amount of trim needed. Many types of trim come only in an 18-foot length, which means larger projects will also require delivery, an added expense. Anticipate ordering over by about 15% to ensure coverage of your project and to accommodate any cutting mistakes.

Installing exterior trim is an investment toward your home. Always hire a reputable contractor for your home exterior trim installation. They can provide expert advice and years of knowledge in order to help you make an informed decision. Improve your home's curb appeal with the perfect final touch.

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