Radiant Heating Panels Cost


How Much Do Radiant Heating Panels Cost?

Radiant heating panels transfer heat in the form of infrared rays. This forces the surroundings to absorb more of the heat, hence heating up your house faster. Radiant panel heating mimics radiant floor heating on a smaller scale. It lets you achieve the efficiency and homogeneous heating effect of the radiant floor heating system without incurring the extra cost.

While most people tend to think of the entire floor as one huge radiant panel, segmenting the heating plates and placing them strategically will reduce on size. This leads to saving on both cost and energy consumption.

Here are some of the most important things that will determine the cost to install radiant heating panels.

How Much Will It Cost to Install Radiant Heating Panels?

Your expenditure will always depend on the size and type of panels you go for. Naturally, smaller panels will be cheaper than bigger ones. High-quality panels with more radiant efficiency will cost you more during the installation but help you save on the utility bills in the long run.

Expect to spend at least $1,800 on a modest installation and up to $8,000 when covering bigger surfaces. Most of the homeowners will spend an average of $3,400 to have their radiant heating panels up and running.

Radiant Heating Panels Versus Floor Heating 

Both use the same heating concept. The only difference is that the radiant floor heating will cover the entire floor with the heating elements. This leaves the walls uncovered while sending heat to non-efficient spots, for example under your couch or unused corners.

Using panels lets you break up the home and the floor into strategic segments. Some of the advantages of radiant heating panels include:

  • Only cover the most efficient sections of the floor with the panels
  • Put some panels on the walls or the roof to improve on heat radiation
  • Keep the overall installation surface area low, chopping down the installation cost
  • More efficient heating that will go soft on your utility bills

Radiant heating panel installation is a job best left to a specialized contractor. Before you have any work done, begin your project by collecting several quotes to get a feel for what the current pricing trends are in your area. Also remember, many contractors may be willing to quote you for this job, but it doesn't mean they have the knowledge and skill to do an efficient installation. Compare quotes, then check references...

Hydronic vs Electric Systems

Hydronic systems are the most common in radiant panels. They work by forcing heated water through tubing placed under the heating panel. They are more efficient on bigger installations since hot water has better thermal characteristics.

Electric systems work by heating coils and elements behind the panel. This will in turn force the panel to radiate heat the same way a hydronic system does. Electric system panels are smaller and easier to install wherever you please. Your heaters might have to work harder to match the performance of hydronic systems in bigger rooms.

Other Things to Consider

A thermostat controls the heating panels. If you want to achieve the same temperature across the table, you will install a cheaper and straightforward system that runs on one thermostat. You will need a modular system and multiple thermostats to run different temperatures at different parts of the house.

Other things to consider when planning your radiant heating panel installation include:

  • The local market prices that will affect labor rates and material cost.
  • Preparation of the home for installation and any post installation clean-up.
  • Distance from the store to your home could affect transportation costs.

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