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How Much Does a Home Energy Audit Cost?

A good home energy audit will do a comprehensive room-by-room audit and create a conclusive report on the findings. The resulting recommendations will help you cut down on your utility bills by making your home more efficient and eco-friendly. 

The question is still, how much do the home energy assessments cost?

How Much Will It Cost to Audit Home Energy?

The cost to audit home energy efficiency will vary depending on the extent of the survey. 

General audits will take less than three hours and could cost as little as $100

However, despite the apparent straightforwardness of this service, it is almost impossible to give a precise, one-time estimate.

Even though most homeowners will spend an average of $400, the actual cost to audit home energy will vary depending on the size and complexity of your home. You can expect to spend around $1000 on bigger homes with more rooms and appliances - or older homes that might need special attention during the audit.

Why Do a Home Energy Audit?

Home energy audits will not only lower your utility bills but also earn you some rebates. Some electricity providers will offer rebates to homes with high energy efficiency scores. This will help you cut down on your utility bills even further.

An efficient home will also ensure that you don’t push your appliances to the limit. Your HVAC will work less hard, hence, it will need less maintenance and enjoy a longer lifespan – and so will your water heaters.

Most importantly, you will get to boast of your contribution to a better eco-friendly earth.

Preparing for the Audit

You should be in a position to account for general and individual family member behaviors. Some of the questions to expect in this line include:

  • Is anyone home during work hours?
  • What is your average thermostat setting for the winter and summer?
  • How many people live in your house?
  • Do you use all the rooms in the house?
  • Are there any additional appliances or behaviors you think could affect your energy bill?

Preparing for the audit will not only make the auditor’s work easier, hence not only lowering the overall cost to audit home energy, but also bolster the report’s efficiency. Get your utility bills ready too. The auditor will need these to not what to look at during the home energy audit.

How to Hire a Professional Home Energy Auditor

Each auditor will have variant auditing rates. Even though the size and complexity of your home goes a long way into determining the hourly rate, each auditor will value his or her time depending on qualifications and personal preferences. Some of the simplest ways to get good in touch with knowledgeable experts in your area include:

  • Talk to your local government office to get local certified energy audit agencies
  • Ask your utility provider to give you auditor suggestions
  • Using the web to identify a couple of reputable home energy audit experts
  • Enter your zip code on this page to qualify for a FREE estimate from knowledgeable professionals in your area

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