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How Much Does a Swamp Cooler Service Cost?

Modern evaporative coolers, also known as swamp coolers, use ancient cooling technology to bring relief to hot, dry climates. By passing air over or through water, the air cools off. If you live in the Southwest United States or another hot, dry part of the country, you may use the same technology as ancient Egyptians to stay cool in the hot summer months.

Regular swamp cooler service will keep your home cool in the hot summer months, so getting in touch with local specialists is compulsory from time to time. 

How Much Will it Cost To Service a Swamp Cooler?

The average costs can vary quite a bit based on the several factors. Swamp cooler service will run about $100 at the low end, $500 at the top end, and the average cost to service a swamp cooler will run $200. Remember that your location will make a big impact on this cost, so you’ll need to contact a local professional for a free estimate to get a better idea of what you will be paying. 

Total Cost Breakdown - Pre-Season Service

As with many other seasonal appliances, much of swamp cooler service should happen in the pre-season. When the weather starts to warm, it’s time to check for broken parts, debris, and other maintenance needs.

Here are the basic components of a pre-season swamp cooler service:

  • Use a vacuum to remove loose dust and dirt, including from the reservoir. This is an especially important step if the unit wasn’t covered in the off-season.
  • Replace the evaporative pads. These may need frequent replacing, and if you live in a dusty area you should have them checked again over the course of the summer.
  • Oil the motor and bearings to ensure all moving parts move without friction.
  • Check belts for cracking or wear, and replace as needed.
  • Turn on the unit’s water supply, and check the float.
  • Turn on the pump, and see that water can get to the pads. If there’s a problem, it’s likely a line clogged with dust or debris, and this is the time to clear it.
  • Ensure that the fan turns easily and doesn’t make excessive noise.

A contractor can replace the motor, fan, pump or lines if need be, and those parts should all be readily available at a home-improvement store in parts of the country that regularly use swamp coolers. As with any home repair, don’t forget to ask about warranties and insurance, and request references before committing to a swamp cooler service.

How To Get In Touch With Specialists In Your Area

If you would like to get in touch with professionals in your area for a more accurate breakdown of the cost to service your swamp cooler, simply enter your zip code in the form provided on this page.

This offer is 100% FREE, there are absolutely no obligations, and there are no hidden costs or contracts to sign 

So feel free to enter your zip code now to consult with professional swamp cooler services in your area!


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