Asbestos Removal Cost


How Much Does Asbestos Removal Cost?

Asbestos removal saves lives. It's that simple. Prior to the current understanding of asbestos and its direct link to cancer and other serious health conditions, this material could be found in a variety of construction items. While it no longer is used, houses built up through the 1970's typically have some sort of asbestos located somewhere inside of the house. In order to make sure a homeowner lives comfortable and is not in constant contact with such a building material, it is necessary to have a home tested and the asbestos removed, if the house is in fact discovered to house the deadly material.

How Much Does It Cost To Remove Asbestos?

There are several different varying factors that play an important role in determining the cost of asbestos removal. Some of these variables include:

  • location of the asbestos
  • amounts of asbestos needed to be removed
  • surrounding material

The only way to truly remove the threat of exposure and its dangerous health effects is to remove all traces of the asbestos from the premises, and this can only be done by a professional asbestos removal contractor.


The location of the asbestos plays the largest role in determining the overall cost of the removal process. Asbestos found in drywall is easily removed and easy to access, so this should not prove to be much of an issue. However, asbestos found in the ceiling or roof is much more difficult to remove from the house. It can also increase the cost of replacing the asbestos as well. The average cost of asbestos removal sits right around $1,000, but this can quickly escalate to over $3,000 in a large home where the asbestos is found near (or in) the roof.

Amount To Be Removed

When you need to remove asbestos, the amount of asbestos does play a factor. While it is not as much of a deciding factor as the location, the amount of asbestos forces the removal contractors to take longer, which in turn costs more. Naturally, less asbestos is better for both health concerns and for the removal process.

Surrounding Material

Typically, there isn't much of a problem with materials in close contact with asbestos. However, vermiculite is a material that absorbs fibers from asbestos and can become toxic itself. Due to this, it needs to be replaced as well. So, while it is not usually a factor, the surrounding material can eventually cause an increase in removal costs.

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