Asphalt Driveway Sealing Cost


How Much Does Asphalt Driveway Sealing Cost?

One thing most homeowners can agree on is the importance of curb appeal. 

That means keeping the yard and landscaping neat and attractive, maintaining the exterior features of your home, and asphalt driveway sealing every few years.  

Let’s look at the average driveway, which measures about 750 square feet, to determine expenses and requirements for sealing a shabby-looking driveway.

How Much Does It Cost To Seal an Asphalt Driveway?

Here is a breakdown of where you dollars will be spent:


You’ll probably need at the very least several gallons of sealant. One gallon averages at around $30, with smaller tubes priced at about $6. This pricing is on the low end, because many homeowners chose to mix their sealant with a 1:1 ratio of sand. Sand will improve the results of your asphalt driveway sealing, but it will also cut your coverage down significantly, which means you’re spending more money on materials.


Fortunately,asphalt driveway sealing is not a project requiring many specialty tools. Some of the tools you’ll need are probably already sitting around your shed or garage. These may include things like:

  • scrap 2x4 board
  • paint sticks
  • gloves
  • an outdoor broom

You may need to pick up the following items as well: 

  • a squeegee (the wider the better)
  • a small hand trowel
  • some empty buckets

Even though asphalt driveway sealing can be a simple DIY task, you may want to get in some professional assistance to get the job done the way you wanted and with the least amount of hassle. Be sure to compare quotes from several contractors in your locale before you agree to have any work done.


If you have grass or other plant growth adjacent to your driveway, you’ll need to tackle that before you can finish. If you can, plan for a shoulder or other landscaping feature abutting the driveway, which will save you time and energy the next time you seal. 


Although you probably don't want any additional expenses, this is an ideal time to consider curbing. The cost to seal an asphalt driveway may increase if you are looking for some curbing work to be done. Installing a curb will work to boost the appeal of your home in the marketplace, but there are some practical considerations as well. Curbs direct water runoff to help with drainage issues, and they support the driveway which may help to alleviate cracking in the future. 


This is also a good time to consider macadam, which is a more expensive, but also a more durable and practical alternative to continuously repairing your existing asphalt layer. Macadam could eventually save you the cost of removing the existing driveway and reinstalling the asphalt entirely, so the approximately $1500 spent on a project this size may be worth the extra money.

Total Cost

The average cost to seal an asphalt driveway at 750 square feet is about $200. Remember that you could increase this cost significantly with curbing, landscaping work, or macadam installation, so $200 is the base cost for asphalt driveway sealing only. 

Remember that your location will make a big impact on this cost, so you’ll need to contact a local professional for a localized estimate.

How To Get In Touch With Local Professionals

If you would like to get a more accurate idea of what you should be paying for some asphalt driveway sealing in your locale, simply enter your zip code on this page for a 100% FREE estimate. 

Entering your zip code in the space provided comes with no obligation whatsoever, and you will be able to consult with someone in your area.


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