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How Much Does Boiler Installation Cost?

Many people only think about forced air systems when they plan to heat their homes, but boilers can be a great alternative. Boiler installation can provide a consistent source of even heat and they do not dry out the air the way forced air systems tend to.

Whether you want an oil system, propane, or natural gas, it would be wise to start looking into this type of installation and the related costs.

This can be a great choice when:

  • You are replacing an existing system and do not have ductwork in your home.
  • You want to use radiant in-floor heating instead of radiators.
  • You want to maintain higher levels of humidity in your home’s air.

Boilers vs Forced Air Systems

Boilers are different from forced air systems because they use water instead of air as a heat transfer medium. Instead of sending heated air through ductwork and out through vents, a boiler heats water. This travels throughout a network of pipes or tubes that are set behind walls or along baseboards. The heat emerges through radiators or radiates up through the floor.

Because they use water this often means that there is more moisture in the air. This can be great as it will mean that skin and hair will not dry out the way that it would with a forced air system. Some individuals will hook their boiler up to a radiant in-floor heating system which heats the entire room evenly through the floor.

This type of boiler installation is great because it means that you do not have to worry about positioning furniture around floors or wall vents. It's also great for people who have allergies as ductwork can accumulate dust and debris that can trigger allergic reactions.

If you want to make sure your boiler installation is meeting your needs, talking to a licensed installer is a great idea. Get upfront estimates on the system you require so that you know can work out your budget accordingly. You can further increase savings by comparing estimates from local boiler installation experts to get a feel for your regional pricing trends.

What Will Affect The Overall Cost?

  • More expensive installations may include radiant heating systems or the installation of radiators.
  • The cost may be higher because of the type of fuel they use.
  • A home may be located in hard to access or remote locations.
  • Higher priced units may be more efficient and higher priced, but they will end up lowering the heating bills you pay over time.

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Boiler?

While there are many factors that can affect how much your system will set you back, on average, the cost to install a boiler could come in anywhere between $500 and $10,000. While this may be a huge difference in price range, consider that the average system will cost American homeowners in the region of about $5,100

An oil fired boiler which can cover a 1,500 sq ft area will cost roughly $5,500 while a gas boiler for a 1,000 sq ft area will cost roughly $4,000.

AFUE Efficiency Rating

When looking into new boiler installation, it's important to consider the AFUE rating. Also known as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, it is the ratio used to measure energy output to energy input and is conveyed as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more efficient the boiler.

An 85% AFUE rating on a propane gas boiler means that for every 100 BTU units of gas input, it produces 85 BTU of heating in the home. The rest is lost as waste heat through the exhaust. It's important to note that a 3% drop in efficiency will increase fuel costs by 3.8% (85% vs 82%), and a 10% drop in efficiency increases fuel costs by 13.5% (85% vs 75%).

Cost Breakdown

  • A gas boiler installation with a rating of 85% AFUE costs between $2,500 and $5,000. Gas-fired boilers are available in a much higher AFUE rating than the oil-fired boilers. 
  • Opting for an oil fired unit with the same efficiency ratio of 85% will cost between $3,000 - $6,500 installed. Oil-fired units are best suited for areas lacking municipal and natural gas lines. 
  • A higher efficiency boiler will be more expensive. You can expect to pay between $6,000 and $9,000 for a 90 - 99% AFUE gas boiler, or 90% AFUE oil boiler installation.
  • Opting for extra features such as timers and weather compensators will increase the price. 

Also, keep in mind that replacing an oil-fired boiler with a new gas boiler can be much higher than a simple oil-fired boiler replacement. Switching to gas will require the installation of new gas lines, fittings, valves, piping, and other internal parts to work with the new gas boiler. Replacing an oil boiler with a gas boiler of similar efficiency will cost around $7,400. However, a more efficient gas boiler replacement can cost upwards of $10,000+.

Additional Costs To Consider

  • Labor: Boiler installation is a specialized service and requires the skill of an HVAC technician. Their rates average $80 - $100 per hour, or roughly $800 - $1,500 to complete a boiler installation job.
  • Ducting: Installing or replacing ductwork can significantly improve efficiency, and generally costs between $35 - $55 a linear ft.
  • Thermostats: A thermostat monitors the temperature in the home and allows you to control the heating from your boiler. The latest models are highly advanced and cost between $200 - $700 installed.
  • Barometric Flue Damper: This reduces the amount of heat escaping through the chimney. It usually costs around $100 installed and can increase efficiency by as much as 5%.

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