Building a Sunroom Cost


How Much Does Building a Sunroom Cost?

Building a sunroom is a precise and perfect art...if you want one that is attractive, functional and survive for years to come, that is. For some, a sunroom is a luxury while for others it's far more attractive and functional than a screened in porch or patio. Sunrooms are more than just another way to increase the value of your home.

A sunroom provides a spot for family and friends to gather and enjoy time together in a space that's naturally lit. Throughout the year the inside of your home can just be too drab, and channeling some natural light into your living areas may just be what you need. Whenever it's too hot or too cold to actually sit outside, a sunroom provides the ideal solution.      

How Much Will It Cost To Build a Sunroom?

The average cost to build a sunroom is around $42,000. This is assuming an average size of 200 sq ft ( roughly 14ft x 14ft ). However, depending on the extent of your project, building a sunroom can come in anywhere between $6,000 and $103,000

For this cost guide, the building estimate will make use of several of the most common services such as electricians, carpenters, painters, and concrete pourers. This may seem like quite a large investment for some, but also consider your 48.5% return on investment

The above specifications can put your cost to install a sunroom at roughly $360 per square foot

This price will include the following:

  • all building materials
  • service fee
  • cost of labor 
  • additional supplies
  • electrical wiring and lighting to code
  • carpentry code
  • anything else that may be needed during the building process

When you build a sunroom, always make sure that you deal with a contractor that understands your unique requirements. An experienced contractor should be able to find the best solution and complete the ideal sunroom within your budget to enjoy for years to come.

Sunroom Building Cost Breakdown

Most sunroom building projects will consist of 2 stages:

1. Consultation - During the consultation process your contractor will come and look at your home to assess the area. This is the chance to communicate your requirements, special design features, and the budget for the project. They will then come up with a blueprint and an outline of the project. 

2. Building - This process may include some or most of the following:

  • site preparation
  • any required demolition
  • concrete pouring
  • build post-and-beam framing
  • finishing and insulation
  • wall framing
  • support check
  • exterior trim
  • window installation
  • tiling
  • ceiling work 
  • moldings      


Carpenters will charge an average of $70 per hour while electricians will charge anywhere between $65 - $85 per hour, depending on your location. The same can be said for painters, who may charge anywhere between $20 - $35 per hour.


The price of concrete averages $75 per cubic yard. This full slab with piers only needs 30 cubic yards of concrete, totaling $2,500. Prices of roof trusses, support beams and framing to construct the sunroom will vary by location. 


The cost of windows will greatly depend on the style and material u choose for them. Vinyl or aluminum clad casement windows featuring low-E, laminated or tempered glazing averages roughly $240 each.


Professionally installed quarry tile flooring averages $6 - $10 per sq ft, therefore, costing anywhere between $1,200 - $2,000 to cover flooring.


Insulation and sealing off of the area, making use of 4' x 8' drywall panels, costs around $10 each, or $1 - $2 per sq ft.

Other Sunroom Building Costs to Consider

Like with any construction project, there may be additional costs you need to consider when building a sunroom. This can be unforeseen problems that may arise during the construction process and includes things like:

  • installing extra supports
  • want more space added after your original cost estimate
  • additional time spent on the project (falls outside of what the original contract specified)

If you request specialty design features, you will often end up paying slightly more than extra time and resources too. Specialty designs may include the following:

  • custom windows and their installation
  • movable shades for glass areas
  • supplementary heating systems
  • gutters and eaves
  • stairs
  • custom painting or staining
  • a uniquely shaped room 

Contractors and Their Contracts

Certified contractors will have you sign a contract before they begin any building work. This ensures you understand and agree to everything that is about to commence.

Make sure to read the agreement carefully before signing and ask or negotiate about details you are unsure of before the actual building work starts. By discussing everything with your contractor, you can maximize your savings and keep your sunroom building project in the average price range. 

How To Get a Free Sunroom Building Quote

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