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How Much Does Carpet Repair Cost?

Carpet repair is necessary sometimes, and there's often nothing you can do about it. Perhaps your children have taken a toll on the carpeting, or that new puppy has different ideas for the corner of your rug. Maybe the furniture damaged part of the rug or the shag is starting to come undone. Whatever the issue, it is possible to repair your carpeting, which ultimately is less than having the entire room redone. Burns, stains, fading and tears are all a fact of life with flooring, but proper carpet repair can bring them back to life, and it's important to know what to expect in terms of cost to repair a carpet.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Carpet?

Different elements are at play when it comes to how much it might cost to repair a carpet. Some of these main factors include:

  • stain removal
  • carpet patches
  • carpeting seams

Stain Removal

Stains are some of the most common issues people face with their carpets. Whether dropping a glass of red wine or knocking over the jar of tomato sauce, stains come in many shapes and forms. A small yet stubborn stain can cost around $100 while full room carpet stains (maybe your pet decided to track through the tomato sauce and chase his tail throughout the room) can cost around $300. This all comes down to the severity of the stain, however, and some can be cleaned up without much additional effort, in which case a general carpet cleaning might just do the trick (which is less expensive).

Whether for repairing a seam or handling a bleach stain from a cleaning attempt gone wrong, professional carpet repair is always recommended if you want your carpets to look as good as new. Be sure to compare at least 3 quotes from reputable contractors in your area, and check references before you do business with anyone.

Carpet Patches

Tears might happen in the carpeting which may require it to be completely replaced. Sometimes stains in an area of the carpet are also too difficult to be removed. In that case, the area of the carpet can be cut out with a replacement carpet patch inserted. Other times there may be an actual hole in the carpet. This can be repaired, just like a hole in the drywall, but it will serve to increase the overall cost to repair a carpet. Depending on the size of the patch and the kind of carpeting used, you can generally expect to pay around $200 for a patch.

Carpet Seams

For some carpeting, an entire seem might start to unravel. When this happens you need to have the seam stitched again. This is more labor intensive but doesn't require much in terms of new material, so it will also cost around $200 or so. In most cases, this is added with other damage to the carpet, which can push the price of repair to around $400 in some cases.

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