Concrete Patio Installation Cost


How Much Does Concrete Patio Installation Cost?

Concrete patios are the exact opposite of the common wood patios. They are versatile and easy to maintain. You won’t have to sand and stain every now and then or wince every time it rains heavily. The design variance and versatility of concrete coupled with tons of finishes allow most homeowners to consider concrete patio installation instead of wood patios. 

The flexibility you get from the stains and coloring approaches gives you the power to create a unique patio and even change its appearance a year later. If you are thinking of installing a concrete patio, here are some facts to help you budget the project.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Concrete Patio?

The cost to install a concrete patio varies depending on the type, design and size of the patio. Since most installation contractors charge per square foot, it is quite hard to come up with a fixed estimate. However, most homeowners with average patios and design ambitions will pay in the region of about $2600. On the low end you could pay as little as $1,000. Bigger and more complex concrete patios could, however, wear an up to $6500 price tag. 

Different Types of Concrete Patios

Your concrete patio installation contractor will have at least three options, namely:

  • poured concrete
  • stamped concrete
  • concrete pavers

Occasional maintenance like applying a sealant on the surface or spraying weed killer to thwart weed sprouts between pavers will make your concrete patio investment worthwhile. Moreover, investing in a highly skilled concrete patio installation contractor who will take your local weather changes into consideration will ensure that you get the perfect concrete patio for your region.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete patios are the simplest and faster to install. The contractor just needs to prepare the substratum, mix the ballast and pour it out. This installation might not be the most attractive but it is cheap and functional.

Stamped Concrete 

Stamped concrete patios improve on poured concrete by adding patterns. You can choose from brick stone or tile and finally choose a color to mimic the stamped material. Stamped concrete installation is a quicker and cheaper route to stone, brick or tile patios.

Concrete Pavers 

Concrete pavers mimic natural stone by using the appropriate mix of cement, sand, stone fragments and water. The concrete paver installation technique you choose will affect the overall bill.

Factors To Consider 

Your concrete patio installation bill revolves around the total size in square feet, design complexity, and type of concrete patio.

Bigger patios will naturally need more material. They will also take more man-hours to complete. This directly translates to more money. This is especially so if you are on a per hour construction contract.

The design, on the other hand, influences the concrete patio installation crew’s skill and time spent doing the job. A simple patio without any colors and designs could cost to install a concrete patio up to $10 per square foot. Automated patterns and colors will hike the price to around $15 per square foot while intricate hand painted patterns could take you beyond $15 per square foot.

Also keep in mind that properly installed concrete patios will be attractive and durable.You won’t have to spend much time and funds renovating them every now and then. However, repairing cracks and chips on exotic concrete patios could be quite the bother.

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