Electrical Fixture Installation Cost


How Much Does Electrical Fixture Installation Cost?

Want to add some warmth and bright light to your home with the installation of some new accent lighting, overhead lighting, or other light fixtures? 

Working with electricity can be complex and dangerous, and it's best to leave it to a professional to help brighten your home. But what should you be paying for this type of service in your locale?

How Much Does It Cost To Install an Electrical Fixture?

The cost to install an electrical fixture ranges from $100 on the low end to as much as $4,500 on the high end. Most homeowners, however, can expect to pay an average of $1,100 for an electrical fixture installation throughout the interior of your home.

The total cost will depend on how much lighting, locations, type of fixtures, quality of fixtures, and access ease of installation. 

Do you already have existing electrical wiring in place in your home?

If you need new wiring, that requires the work of a licensed electrician. A professional will ensure it operates properly and does not pose a fire hazard to your home.

Further, you can lower your cost if you already have electrical wiring in your home that is properly installed and in good working order. This will require a professional to replace a current fixture with a new one. 

For bathrooms and kitchens, installing recessed lighting can give a room a brand new look. These popular lighting features do not take up much space and give you a lot of good, bright light. But remember, installing these electrical fixtures require the right equipment, knowledge, and expertise for good work and safe installation. Consult with local professionals and compare some quotes before you have any work done.

Factors To Consider

The cost to install an electrical fixture depends on several factors:

  • price of fixtures
  • accessibility of wiring
  • age of your house

Here is a sample breakdown of an average breakdown of what most homeowners would expect to pay for a simple electrical fixture installation:

Electrical fixture costs ( $450 )

  •   Retail price 18" x 6" drum style
  •   chrome, nickel, or brass finish options
  •   four 60 watt light bulbs
  •   120 volts

Electrical fixture installation labor ( $500 )

  •   layout location
  •   cut mounting hole
  •   place fixture
  •   place trim piece
  •   planning
  •   equipment
  •   gathering materials
  •   area preparation
  •   set up
  •   clean up

Electrical fixture installation materials and supplies ( $150 )

  •   connectors
  •   fittings
  •   mounting hardware
  •   cleaning supplies
  •   electrical tape

Anytime a licensed professional has to remove or change existing framing or surfaces these are considered extra costs.

Further, if the electrical fixture installation professional needs to bring any systems up to compliance with current building codes, you will incur additional costs, not including in a basic estimate.

Sales tax on all the materials and supplies, as well as permit or building code fees, will not be included in an estimate.

How To Get In Touch With Local Professionals

Electrical fixture installation can be a great way to add beauty, light, warmth, and value to your home. The right fixtures can accent pictures, paintings, and rooms with a bright, vibrant light.

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