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How Much Does Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

Kitchen remodeling can be a large job that often requires several tasks be completed simultaneously. Whether you want a casual country kitchen or a sleek modern design, there is definitely a wide range of low to high-end remodeling options available to suit your budget and style. 

Naturally, the total cost to remodel your kitchen is going to vary drastically, dependent on your location, the type of structure you are working with and, of course, the level if modifications you intend to make. But, for our purposes, let's look at a cost breakdown to get a rough idea of what your remodeling project should cost.

How Much Will It Cost To Remodel a Kitchen?

The are a number of ways a kitchen remodeling can be done.While some kitchen makeovers can be a true do-it-yourself project, contractors are usually brought in to quote for larger remodeling projects.  

General Cost Breakdown

According to Remodeling magazine, the average basic remodel, wherein only cabinets, counters and appliances are moved and /or replaced with no major structural refitting, cost around $20,100 with an 83.1% return on investment. Major kitchen remodels come in at around $60,000, with a 64.9% return. These figures put our estimated cost for a 200 sq ft kitchen anywhere between $100 - $300 per square foot remodeled.

However, smaller projects can even come in at $10,000 - $15,000, which may include installing minor appliances, painting walls, refacing some cabinets, or even upgrading the sink. 

For this particular cost guide, we will base averages on a 200 sq ft remodel with mid-range priced materials. The average kitchen remodeling project may easily include some or all of the following:

  Materials Labour Total
Cabinets $16,000  $4,000  $21,000
Counters $6,000 $1,000 $7,000
Appliances $8,000 $2,000 $10,000
Flooring $4,000  $900 $4,900
Drywall $4,000 $900 $4,900
Electrical $4,000  $1,000  $5,000 
Windows & Doors $2,000 $600 $2,600
Plumbing $1,000 $300 $1,300
Grand Total     $56,700

Consider some of the following for your kitchen too:

  • 30 ft of middle grade oak cabinetry: $4,200 ($120 - $140 per sq ft)
  • energy-efficient dishwasher: $500
  • energy-efficient refrigerator: $900
  • energy-efficient microwave: $500
  • 30 linear ft of laminate countertops: $600
  • install mid-level sink and faucet: $400
  • replace flooring with medium quality resilient flooring: $775 ( $7 - $12 per sq ft )
  • electrical wiring and lighting to code: $75 per hour
  • plumbing to code: $50 per hour

Kitchen remodeling requires intricate planning. It is also especially time-consuming. Getting a reputable expert in to handle your kitchen remodel is often the best option. With a professional you will have the benefit from reduced supplier merchandise and years of industry knowledge. But, before you hire just anyone for the job, we highly recommend you compare estimates from registered local pros and check their references. 

Additional Considerations

The rule of thumb is that one should never spend more than 15% of the total market value of the home on a kitchen project.The National Association of the Remodeling Industry also offers a detailed overview of what you can include in a kitchen remodel.

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