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How Much Does Mirror Repair Cost?

Mirrors come in a wide range of design and appearance. Some are easy to come by and replace while others are unique masterpieces that must be maintained through meticulous mirror repair. You will see some large mirrors that can truly make some rooms look bigger than they actually are. Other highly decorative mirrors will adorn dressing rooms or just pose as pieces of art courtesy of their elaborate frames. Despite all this, mirrors aren’t invincible. They chip, break or lose the back silver layer rendering them inefficient. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Mirror?

The first step that homeowners would have to take is to figure out whether they need to have their mirror repaired or if they would need to replace all of them at the soonest possible time. Knowing the cost of the mirror repair usually seals the deal and helps people make a decision on whether or not they will go through with a repair or not.

Most people choose to repair the mirror if:

  • Mirrors with sentimental value
  • Expensive mirrors that are easier to repair than replace
  • Rare antique mirrors will always need mirror repair as they cannot be replaced

It will be up to you to decide whether you need to replace or repair your mirror. Just make sure that you know the costs ahead of time so that you can prepare your budget before the process is complete. We recommend comparing quotes from local mirror repair experts before you go ahead and have any work done.

Usually, the cost to repair a mirror will range from a low of $100 up to as much as $500, depending on the type of mirror and its current condition. If the mirror’s condition is already bad and the repair requires a mirror repair expert to revive it, then it may even go beyond the $500 range.

Some people opt to have their mirrors re-silvered and this is a good option and should be part of any comprehensive mirror repair project. This may not come cheap however especially if the mirror that would undergo the silvering process has already undergone a lot of damage.

The average cost of silvering the mirror is $15 per square foot but the total mirror repair cost will again depend on how big the mirror is and how bad the damage is.

What Affects The Cost?

Resilvering antique mirrors are not wise as this can decrease the value of the mirror. If your main goal for the antique mirror is to resell it again, silvering and carrying out a couple of restorative mirror repair processes could increase its market price.

Cheap mirrors are not worth the repair efforts – unless they have sentimental value. You can tell if your mirror is cheap if you can identify the following:

  • Cheap looking mirror frames. If you can see some noticeable dents or other imperfections without having to use a keen eye, then the mirror is probably a generic.
  • If the glass seems too distorted it will create distorted images
  • The back of the mirror is very thin and seems to be locked by cheap glue

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