Offsite Carpet Cleaning Cost


How Much Does Offsite Carpet Cleaning Cost?

There's nothing better than a fresh-smelling, fresh feeling, crisp looking, brand new carpet in your home. Fortunately, that same appearance and experience can be achieved by paying for a professional and experienced offsite carpet cleaning service. The sad truth of the matter is that most homeowners fail to clean their carpets regularly enough. This casual oversight can end up being far more costly in the end than just taking care of the regular, recommended, routine maintenance. 

It is mostly advised that a residential carpet is cleaned as often as twice a year, but minimally once, and this should often be done offsite. 

Why Do Offsite Carpet Cleaning?

There are several reasons why a carpet should be cleaned off-site rather than in your home. These may include things like:

  • unable to properly dust
  • potential for damage to flooring
  • surface cleaning only
  • improper drying
  • overall insufficient cleaning
  • unable to remove and rinse urine

The offsite carpet cleaning method can be deep cleaning using shampoo or hot water as well as a dry cleaning method as well. Regardless of the method, a yearly treatment is the only way to prevent irreversible stain buildup and also acts as a great defense against mold and mildew. Failure to clean your carpet often enough will drastically reduce the life of your carpet, necessitating a premature replacement, which is considerably more expensive. Be sure to ask about volume discounts as many companies will reduce the cost per room or per square foot as more areas are included in a specific job.?

How Much Will It Cost To Clean a Carpet Offsite?

The cost of offsite carpet cleaning varies a bit from home to home. The type of carpet you have, its height, material and what type of underlying you have in place all play a role in determining the final cost. The most you could expect to pay is $700 and a low-cost estimate is $200. The average cost to clean a carpet is $400, which on a yearly basis, is rather affordable for most. 

Considerations affecting offsite carpet cleaning costs:

  • Material type: Wool is always going to be more expensive than synthetic materials such as berber.
  • Stains: Carpets with excessive staining will generally raise the cost.
  • Region: Some parts of the country are far more affordable when it comes to offsite carpet cleaning than others. This has to do with the availability of contractors and distance from a service company's home office.
  • Cleaning method: It is not unusual for companies to offer a range of cleaning methods including steam treatments, dry cleaning methods and shampoo treatments. Each has their various advantages and disadvantages. Be sure to make sure when comparing estimates that the same cleaning methods are being quoted in each.

Get In Touch With Local Professionals

Offsite carpet cleaning companies are going to quote you in one of two ways, either by room or per square foot. When comparing quotes, it is a good idea to get an overall figure for all of the carpets you intend to have cleaned and judge from there.

Get a Free Quote With Your Zip

The best way to know what your likely cost to clean carpets offsite is would be to get some personalized estimates from local offsite carpet cleaning companies.

If you enter your home zip code in the space provided on this page, local professionals will reach out to you with a 100% FREE estimate. There's zero obligation to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts.

It's a great way to decide what is possible should you have a specific budget you are working within.


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