Pool Liner Installation Cost


How Much Does Pool Liner Installation Cost?

Whether you have an above ground and inground swimming pools, pool liner installation is vital. Most swimming pools feature vinyl liners that coat their interior surfaces. This material keeps the water inside the pool. A liner typically lasts around 12 years, and most eventually become torn or misshapen and develop leaks. Damage may occur when accidents happen, pools are improperly winterized or animals try to escape the water. The solutions range from small patches to complete replacement.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Pool Liner?

The cost to install a pool liner involves considerable labor and material expenses. If you have an inground pool, new liners cost an average of $1,100, while a contractor will earn around $1,750 for the installation work itself. On the other hand, above ground liners remain substantially less expensive. You'll spend around $365 on materials and $550 on labor. Both costs will be far lower if you only need a repair. Professionals have various other expenses that must be included in the cost. These may include things like:

  • insurance premiums
  • tool purchases
  • disposal of old materials

Due to the complexity of pool liner installation, homeowners are recommended to contact professionals in their area to compare quotes and complete this specialized project

Factors Affecting Pool Liner Prices & Labor Needs

Swimming pool liners come in many varieties with a range of different prices. The following will affect the cost to install a pool liner:

  • Type of pool
  • Vinyl thickness
  • Pattern style
  • Length, width

The shape, thickness, size and pattern will affect how much you pay. Round units tend to cost less than their oval counterparts. Thicker vinyl is tougher but more expensive. Larger pools boost labor expenses because installation takes longer. When a liner needs to be patched, it will be more difficult to fix it if the hole is located in deep water.

Range of Amounts Homeowners Normally Spend

If your liner just needs a small patch, you might pay only $100 for this repair. However, the average cost to install a pool liner stands at roughly $1,300. You're more liable to spend this amount if you have an above ground swimming pool. Some homeowners pay as much as $3,500 for a complete replacement, and this is likely if you want a thick, attractive liner for a large inground pool. Pool liner installation could also cost this much if your pool's floor or walls are in poor condition as this will necessitate additional repair work.

Additional Costs To Consider

Another important consideration is your home's location. Installers tend to earn more in locales with high property values, such as coastal cities. The total expense might also vary depending on the travel distance from their office to your house. Local tax, fuel, material and insurance costs also have an impact on pool liner installation

How To Get a Free Estimate

Keep in mind that the above-mentioned prices are only nationwide estimates for pool liner installation.

Fortunately, you can get a more precise local quote by simply entering your zip code in the space provided. It's entirely FREE and without any obligation to sign contracts or purchase.


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