Pool Liner Replacement Cost


How Much Does Pool Liner Replacement Cost?

Pool liner replacement is something that every pool owner is going to run into sooner or later. It is best to be prepared and understand what possible costs you may incur, because this service is something that cannot be avoided over time. The cost does rely on a wide range of factors and knowing what they are before you go ahead and have any work done will also help you save a bunch of time and money. Pool liners are a must, and as such you should be prepared and understand what you should be paying - as opposed to what the replacement company tells you that you are going to pay.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Pool Liner?

The cost to replace a pool liner can be as little as $300, but most jobs will be in the region of about $1800. Here are the main factors which can affect the overall price:

  • brand and size of the pool
  • extent of the damage
  • ease of installation
  • season and specials

No matter what style of swimming pool liner you decide on, a professional pool liner replacement specialists will make sure your swimming pool is beautiful and ready for the summer.

Brand and Size of Pool

Larger pools are going to cost more, of course, but the brand of the pool also makes a difference. In some cases, the company that makes the pool will make liners that are meant to last longer and, therefore, cost more. Certain brands will cost you more to replace. For those high-end name brand pools, you can expect to pay at least the average bill of about $1800, and perhaps more depending on how large your pool is. The shape of the pool can also affect the overall cost to replace a pool liner as you will have to have it installed in different ways to get the fit right. 

Extent of the Damage/Ease of Installation

In some cases, liners can be patched rather than replaced completely, which can cut your bill dramatically. Having a pool liner patched is going to cost a few hundred as opposed to a few thousand. If you do end up needing a replacement liner, you can expect lower bills when you have a pool that does not have any damage to the outer shell. An easy pool liner replacement can cost as little as $300 or can cost more depending on who you have replace the liner.

Season and Specials

During peak months like June, July, and August, you are going to get a higher bill simply because the installer is going to have far more work the need for replacement is that much higher. Adversely, this is also the season in which most companies run specials that offer discounts for having liners replaced. If you want to save a great deal of money, have your liner replaced at the end of the season in the fall when the installers have less work and are ready to make more deals.

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