Sauna Repair Cost


How Much Does Sauna Repair Cost?

A home sauna is a luxury without comparison. No matter the stresses of your professional or personal life, the slow, deliberate heat of a sauna can melt them away. If you’re an athlete in need of the healing benefits of slow heat, a sauna is perfect. And for millions of Americans, sauna therapy provides relief from a variety of medical ailments.

The inherent risk of owning a sauna, and the reason that sauna repair is necessary regardless of maintenance, is heat. Fundamentally, devices producing heat need careful maintenance and repair. At temperatures reaching 190 degrees, a sauna is essentially a room, constructed of softwood, that is capable of reaching and maintaining a temperature necessary to provide relief from ailments or stress. This is achieved through the use of a heater, which can be either wood-burning or electric. 

How Much Will It Cost To Repair a Sauna?

Consider these contributing factors and the associated costs of sauna repair. Based on these variables, the most common sauna repair types are repairing damaged wood and correcting electrical issues. Infrequently, sauna repair may be structural. 

Heater Repair

Repair to your electrical or wood-burning heater is the most likely cause for sauna repair. Electrical heaters can have wiring issues, require replacement of heating elements, or need new thermostats. In most cases, these sauna repairs are relatively affordable and, if your heater is on the fritz, should be on the low end.  

Wood Repair And Replacement

Most sauna surfaces, including doors and seating, are constructed of soft woods. Common varieties are spruce, aspen, and pine. These soft surfaces don’t need much in the way of cleaning, because the high temperatures maintained inside the sauna will prevent mildew buildup. There are, however, a few other common issues with soft woods:


Wood doors may become difficult to close, and boards swollen with moisture may, over time, buckle. These damaged elements will require repair or replacement to retain the pristine look of your sauna.


You can prevent most staining by using towels to keep sweat off the surface of your soft woods, but over time some staining is natural. Rather than using chemicals to change the look of your finish, you’ll want to replace the stained boards. The cost to repair a sauna finish will depend primarily on the area you’d like repaired or replaced.

As with any home repair, don’t forget to ask about warranties included in the cost to repair a sauna and request references before committing to a sauna repair. Compare multiple repair estimates from local contractors and ask questions so you have peace of mind once any work commences.

Total Cost

The average cost to repair a sauna can vary quite a bit based on the above factors. 

Sauna repair will run about $100 on the low end, and up to as much as $1,800 at the top end. The average cost to repair a sauna will be around $500. Remember that your location could have a substantial impact on the final cost. It is recommended that you contact a local professional in your area.

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