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How Much Does Soundproofing Cost?

Soundproofing blocks noise to keep it from entering a building or room and can serve a wide range of purposes. A soundproofed home will block most noise from a busy road, an airport, jet skis on a lake or an annoying neighbor by keeping loud music from reaching an adjacent apartment. The added insulation also reduces heating and cooling expenses in many instances. Contractors use a variety of methods to contain unwanted sound, which comes in a variety of prices. Let's consider the cost of soundproofing.

What is The Cost of Soundproofing?

The cost of soundproofing is almost equally divided between labor and materials in most cases. Professionals charge around $50 per hour, but this rate can vary significantly depending on the necessary work. Usually, the breakdown comes down to the following percentages:

  • 50% materials
  • 45% hourly labor
  • 5% supplies

The materials tend to cost around $350 on average. However, new windows will run about $500 each if the room has old, drafty windows that leak noise. Customers can expect to pay roughly $30 per square foot for carpets with sound-absorbing pads. 

You can get detailed information on soundproofing, but it can't beat speaking to a professional. If you want to plan a successful soundproofing installation, we recommend comparing quotes from multiple contractors for a high quality, low cost solution.

Factors That Could Affect the Price

The design of a room has a significant impact on the total expense of this project. People tend to pay more when buildings are larger, have extra windows or contain surfaces that aren't rectangular or square. For instance, it would cost considerably more to soundproof a curved wall. Anything that makes the work more complicated will boost the price. Two examples of items that add complexity are steps in the middle of a room or a medicine cabinet attached to the wall.

Other factors that will also affect the cost of soundproofing include: 

  • wall panels
  • special paint
  • mats
  • thick drapes
  • soundproof insulation

Contractors' Pricing Strategies

Most professionals charge for labor by the hour when they soundproof rooms. However, some service providers maintain minimum charges that apply if the project doesn't take very long to complete. 

Different materials are billed by the sheet, square foot, unit or roll. Prices also vary depending on the quality of the products that a contractor uses. A professional may charge more if this service is performed during a busy time of year or coincides with high demand.

Generally, the cost of soundproofing is no less than $600. Customers typically pay an average of approximately $1,100. Nevertheless, large or complicated rooms can push the price as high as $1,700. Keep in mind that an increased resale value may help compensate for this expense, and exact rates vary by region and contractor.

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