Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost


How Much Does Swimming Pool Maintenance Cost?

Having a pool can really open up what you do outside during the summer. Of course, it also depends on where you live. Summer in some areas only lasts a few months, while in other areas of the country you can take a dip in the pool nearly all year long. Regardless, though, you do need to perform swimming pool maintenance to ensure it is up and running. Many of these tasks you can do on your own if you like, but it does require time and special equipment. If you'd rather go with a professional, here are some costs and price points to keep in mind.

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Swimming Pool?

When it comes to the cost to maintain a swimming pool, here are the main causes of price fluctuations:

  • liner replacement
  • plant and filtration requirements
  • resurfacing fiberglass

Liner Replacement

This is only really an issue if you have an above ground pool. The liner must hold in the water in the pool and doesn't have the support of cement or the ground. Due to this, damage can develop in the liner. While not needed annually, it still costs around $700 to replace.

Plant and Filtration Requirements

A natural pool is great as it reduces overall maintenance, although you do need to keep the plant life alive and maintain the filter. This is going to run around $70 a month or so. 

There are several factors to consider when it comes to swimming pool maintenance. In general, these costs are rather minimal, but you should still be aware of it, regardless of if you are looking to install a pool, buy a home with a pool or just looking to move from self-maintenance to professional work.

Resurfacing Fiberglass

This is a service you'll need for a standard underground pool. As the fiberglass breaks down you'll risk developing cracks and leaks around the siding. Again, this is not something you'll need to have done annually, but every few years it is something to look into. Generally, it is going to run somewhere around $700 to have it performed. Remember, the larger the pool, the more it will cost.

Cost Break Down

The kind of pool you have plays a major role in the costs you are going to experience. The amount of time your pool is open plays a similar role in what to expect overall. However, in general, you can expect to pay somewhere around $260 annually. Based on some variations, this could come in at about $150, or even as high as $300. If you have a very large pool and live in a location where it is open year round, the cost to maintain a swimming pool might jump up to nearly $700 annually, but that doesn't happen all that frequently.

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Having a pool can add a significant amount of enjoyment to your home. Also, depending on where you live, it might add a boost to property value.

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