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How Much Does Swimming Pool Repair Cost?

A swimming pool is a great luxury to have. It's not only a meeting place for friends and family to relax but, it also adds value to your home should you ever be on the market to sell. It does, however, comes with its fair share of expenses. A swimming pool has a lifespan of 20 - 30 years on average, and owning one is quite a commitment. Routine maintenance and cleaning is normal, and should your pool be left unattended with absolutely no maintenance whatsoever, professional swimming pool repair may be the only answer to your problems - when you inevitably run into them. 

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Swimming Pool?

Many people wonder exactly how much their swimming pool repairs will cost. Simple repairs on a swimming pool can cost as little as $100, or even less. On average, most homeowners should budget to spend anywhere between $300.00 and $900.00, averaging out at about $580 to get their pool ready for use. Should the swimming pool be totally neglected, the cost to repair a swimming pool could significantly increase to about $1,800, depending on your type of pool.

Type Of Pool

Swimming pool will depend largely what type of pool you have. This will be split into 2 categories, namely:

  • in-ground swimming pool 
  • above ground swimming pool 

In-ground Swimming Pool

Should you have an in-ground pool, the following may need a swimming pool repair service:

  • vinyl liner repair  
  • fiberglass liner repairs  
  • cracks 
  • leaks

Vinyl Liner Repair

Most liners fail above the water line, and repair is required when rips and snags start to appear. This can be anywhere between $20 - $200 to fix, but major problems will cost significantly more. The liner is held in place by a bead that runs around the edge of the pool, and when the liner is not correctly fitted, the bead can pop out. The liner will also stretch and expand due to the elements, and chemicals used to treat the water will also contribute to the deterioration. With some patients, the bead can be replaced yourself for about $130 for 150 feet. 

Fiberglass Liner Repairs

Fiberglass liner repairs can be completed for as little as $300. Spider cracks often appear on weaker parts of the fiberglass, which could be the result of several factors, including poor construction and incorrect installation. If an incorrect backfill is used, like sand, the walls may start to bulge. This is why gravel is a much more expensive but worthwhile option. Fiberglass' gel coat will also fade over time, and may need a new coat of paint after the pool has been drained. This project can be completed  for anywhere between $600 - $700 for a 500sq ft swimming pool. 


When cracks appear in the concrete or gunite, swimming pool repair will firstly involve draining the pool and then resurfacing. When the substrate separates from the pool, hollow spots can also appear, which leaves resurfacing for about $65 per linear foot as the only way to get your pool in working condition. 


Small leaks can be repaired with a patch kit for about $20. If you can't find the leak, a professional service will charge anywhere between $250 - $300. Oftentimes the problem with an in-ground pool is the plumbing. Although this can be repaired, most homeowners simply opt to replace the faulty line altogether as trying to find the exact spot of the leak might require more time and labor. This will cost in the region of about $850 - $1,000.

Some of the problems you may face when you need swimming pool repair could be minor, but most repair jobs will require the assistance of a professional contractor. Speak to your insurance company to see what damage they cover. Be sure to compare several quotes from licensed contractors in your locale, check references, and try to view any of their previous work before you decide to do business with anyone.

Above Ground Swimming Pool

The cost to repair a swimming pool that's above ground will be influenced by the severity of the damage. Should you have an above ground pool, the following may require a some repair from a professional contractor:

  • pool liner
  • collapsing walls

Pool Liner

Leaks in the liner is generally the biggest problem for an above ground pool, and this can be easily fixed with an adhesive patch that costs $10 - $20. Should the liner need replacement, this will set you back about $300.

Collapsing Walls

Collapsing walls can be contributed to many factors, including:

  • high winds
  • earthquakes
  • heavy rains and flooding

The framework also may have become buckled, which requires some new vertical posts and connectors at $15 - $30 each. Replacing a wall will cost anywhere from $1,200 - $1,700.  

As you can see, the cost to repair a swimming pool will depend on the type of pool you have as well as the nature of your problem. Although some minor problems may require a simple DIY fix, major issues will require a knowledgeable contractor.

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