Thermostat Repair Cost


How Much Does Thermostat Repair Cost?

You probably don’t think about your thermostat often. Until it stops working, you don’t realize how heavily you rely on that tiny device. If your thermostat has stopped working, causing either uncomfortable temperature fluctuations in your home or incorrect readings, it’s time to call in the pros. A professional HVAC company can complete your thermostat repair, and the cost to repair a thermostat will be based on the source of the problem, which usually falls into one of several common categories. 

This isn’t a DIY project for most homeowners, but it probably won’t break the bank, so don’t despair!

How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Thermostat?

The average cost to repair a thermostat can vary quite a bit based on the below factors. Entry level thermostat repair will be around $100 on the low end, and up to as much as $500 max. Generally, the average Americans cost to repair a thermostat is around $200.

A thermostat is a complex little device, despite its innocuous appearance on the wall of your home, it does require the attention of a specialist. This tech can be sensitive to a few types of malfunctions.

The likely culprits include:

  • location
  • wiring
  • fuse/circuit

If your home heating and cooling is giving you a headache, you probably need the assistance of a qualified HVAC technician. We recommend you compare at least 3 estimates from local thermostat repair professionals. This will allow you to save on the cost while still receiving a quality guaranteed service.


If your thermostat is located on a sub-floor, not totally uncommon in older homes, it may be taking inaccurate readings. In these cases, a professional will need to relocate, rather than begin thermostat repair. This will ensure correct future readings. Relocation means rewiring and installation, but equipment costs should be minimal unless you decide to upgrade your thermostat at the same time.


Like many homeowner projects, the diagnosis of a wiring problem will need to be repaired asap. If the wiring is faulty, have a professional rewire your thermostat correctly the first time.


If this is the case, you’re in luck. The average homeowner can reset the circuit breaker or replace the bad fuse, and avoid any cost to repair a thermostat outside of minimally expensive parts. Make sure to check your fuses or breaker box at the first sign of trouble to rule out this easy fix.

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