Window AC Installation Cost


How Much Does Window AC Installation Cost?

Although central systems offer greater efficiency and power, window air conditioners provide adequate cooling for homes in most parts of the country. 

Window AC installation usually isn't a particularly difficult task. Nonetheless, some homeowners avoid heavy lifting and maximize safety by paying contractors to deliver and install these units. 

A professionally installed air conditioner is less likely to leak air, fall down or provide an entry point for burglars. Contractors can use special hardware to secure these machines to windows and/or walls. They free homeowners from traveling to stores or obtaining tools.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Window AC?

This service often involves a combination of equipment, supply, and wage expenses. 

Expect to spend around $50 to $350 on labor. This charge usually covers the time spent traveling to your home. Various materials also add a small amount of money to the bill. They include things like:

  • brackets
  • screws
  • silicone 
  • external covers

You might not have to pay for anything else if you only want the contractor to install equipment that you already own. This will no doubt help you save on the overall cost to install a window AC. Alternately, each new room air conditioning unit will range from $100 to $900.

Common Installation Factors to Consider

The type of AC equipment and the installation style may have a considerable effect on the rates you'll pay. You can expect the cost to install a window AC to rise if you need extra insulation, window modifications or permanent installation. 

Air conditioners are more expensive when they offer greater cooling power. Manufacturers measure this capacity in BTUs. Digital controls or higher efficiency ratings usually raises the price as well. Some window units also feature electric heating capabilities. They generally cost at least $100 more.

If you require window AC installation, start comparing quotes from reputable companies in your locale to get a better idea of your regional prices. Be sure to check their references and try to view any previous work done by the potential contractor you want to employ. 

Cost Breakdown

It's not uncommon for people to spend just $100 on this service. You could pay this little if you only need the contractor to install one or two units that you already own. 

On the other hand, a mid-priced installation costs approximately $4,600. A homeowner might permanently install and seal three to four new, high-end AC units for this much money. 

People do, however, occasionally spend as much as $9,000. This covers multiple window modifications and the installation of numerous powerful air conditioners throughout a large home.

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Your location also has a sizable impact on the cost to install a window AC. Local hardware, transportation, labor and equipment costs vary from one city to the next.

Regional weather conditions also have a considerable effect as well. They help determine the demand for air conditioning units and the appropriate cooling power for your home.

Fortunately, you can easily discover how much window AC installation will cost in your area.

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