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How Much Will Door Repair Cost?

If there were one component of your home that is the most often used, the most important, and the most overlooked, it would have to be your front door. Exterior doors perform the essential task of keeping nature out, whether that be cold or warm air or whether it be wandering critters, wild animals, and birds.

Once they no longer function as they should, some door repair may be needed to avoid costly repairs or even replacement. That's not to mention the potential threat of a home burglary.

There's no conceivable good excuse for having a malfunctioning exterior door, especially the front door. 

Common Types of Door Repair

Most common causes for a door repair includes:

  • Sagging: Over time, the weight of the door itself can cause it to swing lower to the ground. Essentially it's trying to pull itself off the hinges with the assistance of gravity. The door repair technician will either offer to sand the top of your door or reset the top hinge.
  • Swelling: Depending on your home's climate, the material of your door can actually expand and contract during the course of a year. This issue is also typically remediated with some precise sanding in specific areas around your door.
  • Door frame draftiness: When air sneaks in around your door, there can be a number of potential issues afoot. The door may have never been hung properly in the first place which would require rehanging the door. Other door repair possibilities for draftiness include installation of a storm door and weather strip.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Door?

You might be wondering how much of your hard-earned cash to set aside to get your door repair work completed by a trained professional. Thankfully, the prices aren't usually too exorbitant. In a best-case scenario, you'll only be charged $100. While a door repair could, in some cases, cost as much as $600, the average job is only $200.

When you compare that to the cost to repair your door versus replacing it, immediate door repair makes perfect sense once you notice the problem.Because each door is different and a particular door could have more than one issue at a time, the only way to determine what the cost to repair a door will be for you is to get personalized estimates from a local professional. 

How To Get a Local Quote

If you are in need of some door repair and unsure of how much it will cost you, you can reach out to professionals in your area right now. They are standing by to assist you with an accurate breakdown of the cost to repair your door, and it will come at absolutely no cost to you whatsoever. 

Get a Free Quote

Simply enter your home zip code into the space provided on this page and a local door repair specialist in your area will contact you for a no-obligation, 100% FREE estimate on the cost to repair a door.

When your door is shutting smoothly once more you'll be glad you took action. So, don't hesitate to take advantage of this no-obligation offer today! 


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