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The Top 7 Money Saving Secrets of Bathroom Remodeling

Every homeowner wants to design their own bathroom. And it's not just for aesthetic appeal either. Modern bathrooms have become a space to relax. A place where you can unwind, de-stress and wash away the cares of the day. With all that modern home renovation has brought in recent years, bathroom remodeling still remains one of the most sought-after renovations with a massive return on investment.  

Unfortunately, not everybody can afford to spend upwards of $25,000 on a spa bathroom makeover. The good news about bathroom updates, however, is that small (and cheap) changes can make a world of difference. There are many ways to redecorate and modify your bathroom into a modern, stylish, and luxurious space at a fraction of the cost.

So, let's take a look at the best ways to save money and maximize your return on investment when you decide to tackle your bathroom remodeling project.

Here's How To Save Money On Your Bathroom Remodeling

modern-bathroom-remodelThe first thing you need to consider is, why are you actually going to remodel your bathroom? Your project could simply be to upgrade, it may be a cosmetic facelift, or it may even be out of necessity, for example, a disability remodel. It's always important to remember that your specific wants and needs will naturally affect the overall cost to remodel your bathroom

However, some of the most economical upgrades with the biggest impact to your bathroom are purely cosmetic. For example, lighting, fresh paint, and some new fixtures should be your starting point when you are working on a tight budget. 

But for now, let's look at where you will save the biggest when you decide to remodel your bathroom:

1. Low-Cost Visual Impact

The fastest way to add some panache and style to your bathroom is to introduce some bright colors to items that are easily changed. This includes your wall color, new towels, your shower curtain and rugs, or even some other personal touches. These are pretty cheap to redo while still offering you a massive visual impact. It's definitely smarter to go for softer decorating tones when remodeling. Permanent surfaces and fixtures should always utilize neutral colors or you might risk offending potential buyers with your taste. 

2. Go Easy On Your Tiling 

Tiling can be expensive, even more so when you need to hire a professional to lay them. This type of project can cost you anywhere between $130 - $285 per 120 sq ft. Instead of tiling or re-tiling your entire bathroom, why not limit your tiling to high-impact areas such as the bathroom floor. 

Walls can be washed and painted, with a single tiling strip layer added along the wall. If you still eyeing expensive tile accents, consider mixing them with cheaper tiles. You can save a lot of money and the cheaper tile will really make the expensive ones stand out. 

3. Choose Countertops Wisely

Bathrooms require much smaller countertops, so you can still splurge on that granite top without blowing the budget. Also, consider the colors of the countertop you are choosing. Popular colors will have varying prices compared to less popular colors.

Granite slabs with imperfections will also be cheaper. These imperfections can sometimes be strategically planned to fit in the area covered by the faucets or sink.

The cost to install some countertops could be anywhere between $500 - $7000, depending on the choices you make. Be sure to compare estimates and discuss all your options with a knowledgeable contractor before you have any installation done. 

4. Don't Overspend on Paint

There are very few things that will pop as much as a fresh lick of paint. It is an economical solution if your bathroom is in need of an immediate makeover. The cost to paint a bathroom will be determined by your choice of paint and the type of contractor you work with. 

Keep in mind - mold in the bathroom can develop at an incredible rate due to moisture. Opt for a quality paint, preferably a satin finish. Its durability will withstand any mold growth. Also look at adding an extractor fan to stop mirrors fogging while also preventing mold growth. 

Also remember that painting a bathroom can be a slow process. If you're not hiring a professional painter, be prepared to mask off areas like the bath, shower, window, sink, mirror, corners, and flooring before you begin.

If you want a new look bathroom, you can get away with just renovating a part of it. Your budget may not allow for hiring an architect, but renovating the tub and shower area will already make a huge impact at a fraction of the cost.

Modern bathroom fixture.5. New Fixtures 

Updating things like the towel racks, faucets, and fixtures is a small price to pay for such the massive visual impact they offer. You can also save money by purchasing some used fixtures.Always look at the finer details and don't hesitate to consider mint condition second-hand goods that stand out.  

However, if you insist replacing any of your existing fixtures it will increase the cost because of the labor needed to remove the originals and install new ones.You can save here on by refinishing some of your fixtures yourself. A basic refinishing kit may run you anywhere between $120 - $150.

Hunt for deals on pages like Amazon and eBay or head over to your nearest specialty store where they sell doors, mirrors, sinks, toilets, and tubs to find the best price. Replacing fixtures and more with some off-the-shelf products will ensure you fall well within your budget.

When it comes to remodeling, don't forget to ask your subcontractor for odds–and–ends or stock left they may have left over from other jobs. Also keep in mind that a local contractors will often be able to get you the best deal on many of the materials you require.  

6. Grout and Caulk 

Grouting and caulk will also make a world of difference. Cleaning the straight lines are an important detail many people overlook, and sometimes you can even save the tiles by simply regrouting. This does require some specialized tools, so hire a professional at a cost of $10 - $25 per sq ft. and you will be amazed at the difference. New grout and caulk will instantly change the overall look and feel of the entire space. 

7. Going Green

Roughly 50–75% of the water used in your home is in the bathroom. Design your bathroom with environmentally friendly updates such as low-flow toilets, shower heads, and faucets. Purchasing a low-flow toilet that uses just 1.28 gallons per flush can save almost 16 thousand gallons of water per year.

A two-button dual-flush toilet is also a great option since it allows you to minimize your wastage. These economical fixtures are usually the same price as traditional ones so you won't be spending more. You'll not only be saving water and money but the environment too!

If you have a lot of time to spend on your own bathroom remodeling project,  you can opt for handling some demolition and clean-up work yourself, or even doing some of the finishing yourself. This should help you save on labor costs. However, some bathroom remodeling projects require professional assistance, so be sure to understand what you are getting yourself into in order to avoid costly DIY mistakes.

You can still achieve low-cost visual impact in your bathroom.Why Remodel a Bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling can ultimately put money back in your pocket later on down the line. Should you ever decide to sell your home, bathroom remodeling will offer a 65% return on investment (ROI), according to the very helpful cost vs value report released annually by Remodel magazine. However, always remember that there are several remodeling upgrades you can do to save money in the long run and, in many cases, even receive a 100% ROI. 

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

The average professional bathroom remodel generally comes with a pricetag of around $18,000. To lower this cost, avoid remodeling your bathroom in the height of summer within the 'peak time'. Equally, try to avoid that period between September ( when the kids go back to school ) and Christmas. When contractors want your business during the 'low season', you are eligible to receive discounts of 5% or more

Considering a DIY Bathroom Remodel?

A basic DIY bathroom update could run you anywhere between $3,000 - $12,000.  You probably won't be able to do any major plumbing at this rate, but by following the tips mentioned above you will still be able to transform your bathroom. However, depending on the scale of your remodel, you may require a certain level of expertise. 

DIY bathroom remodeling can be a challenging endeavor, even for the most enthusiastic handyman. You don't want to blow your budget on a costly DIY mistake, so it's always recommended to get in touch with some local professionals to compare estimates on the type of work you want done. 

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