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How Much Do Arbor Builders Cost?

Building an arbor over your outdoor kitchen, deck or fireplace will improve your home's outdoor appeal. It will provide shade encouraging a livelier outdoor living area whilst adding a touch of style to your landscape. The arbor is a magnificent structure to anyone who seeks to improve the aesthetic function of their yard whilst improving the overall resale value of the home. Even though you can turn the arbor into a DIY project, you will have to hire professional arbor builders to create a true masterpiece.

How Much Does It Cost To Build an Arbor?

The cost to build an arbor will vary depending on the size, design and the material. An arbor builder will charge you as low as $500 for a small and simple installation while the most complex projects will cost you as much as $7000.

While different arbor builders will give different quotes depending on the prevailing market forces, research has shown that most homeowners will spend about $3000, on average, putting up modest arbors.

Building an arbor is by no means a simple DIY task. Getting a complete quote from professional local arbor builders would be the only way to consider all the factors affecting costs. An estimate will help you plan better and choose the perfect size and finish for your arbor.

Breakdown Of The Cost To Build an Arbor

Arbor builders will charge you for the construction material and the labor. The material consumption will vary depending on the design and overall size of the arbor – and so will the labor rates. An average sized arbor might require up to $500 in labor and $3000 on material if you use cheap material like cedar.

Opting for exotic woods like Teak would take the costs up to $5000 in material and $1000 in labor.

Understanding The Cost Determinants

Understanding the top factors that influence arbor builders quotes will help you make a more accurate cost estimate. 

The most common factors include:

  • The size of the structure as bigger spaces will need more material and effort to construct.
  • The choice of wood will affect the material cost. Exotic woods are naturally expensive and arbor builders will charge more to deal with such wood as opposed to working on cheap readily available wood
  • The type of the arbor flooring will also contribute to the material shopping list and the building efforts. A simple concrete floor would be cheaper than a stamped or stained concrete
  • Design details focus on finishing and the general look of the arbor. Complex aesthetic finishes will increase the cost to build an arbor while the choice of paint or stain finishing will also go into the material shopping list

When DIY Might Not Be a Good Idea

DIY arbor kits made of vinyl might be cheaper to source and install. You will, however, need a couple of tools and an experienced handyman to accomplish the project. Unlike custom products from arbor builders, these installations tend to look generic and have a shorter lifespan.

Moreover, you will have to install a reliable base, for instance, a pressure-treated wood base or concrete platform to offer the right support.

Get Your Free Estimate

Your arbor building costs will depend on the arbor builders, material prices and most definitely local construction permits.

Are you in need of an accurate estimate from arbor building pros? By simply entering your zip code in the space provided on this page, you can get accurate quotes from local arbor builders in your immediate area.

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