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How Much Do Barn Builders Cost?

In spite of the fact that many people expect a barn to be among the easiest and least costly structures to build, they can vary widely in size, capacity, and cost. For the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the cost to build a barn, we will evaluate the expense of building a durable, English-style roughage horse shelter of 1,200 square feet (30'x40') that can serve to house animals or function as a place for general stockpiling.

To building a barn of this size is not by any means a standard DIY venture, and a few professional barn builders, (or construction contractors), may be needed for the job.

How Much Will It Cost To Build a Barn?

The average expense for building a barn will average around $45,000. The resale value of this redesign would hold at $34,690, or roughly 77% of original cost.

The above figures place the expense squarely at $37.55 per square foot. This estimate includes an hourly rate of $70 an hour for labor. Most property owners who don't wish to handle the work themselves will usually opt to hire a contractor.

In most cases, building a barn is not your average DIY project. We recommend that you get in touch with barn builders in your area and compare as many quotes as possible. Remember, many contractors may be willing to quote you, but this does not mean they have the neccessary skill to complete the project succesfully. Check for references before you have any work done!

What Is Required?

The following will form part of what is needed to successfully complete this project:

1. Set up (demolition, removal, and site prep): Average expenses are going to differ as indicated by the amount and complexity of the work needed.

2. Pouring concrete foundation: Average cost of cement is $75 per cubic yard, for a total of $1,675.

3. Assembling the wood enclosure: Most systems use strong wood 4x4 posts, 2x8 beams, and a 10' roof. The remaining structure will require rafters, joist hangers, galvanized bolts, and angle brackets.

4. Roofing material: Wood shingles and trusses.

5. Wood siding: Completely stained and painted.

6. Rooftop: Construction of a medium-high pitch.

7. Water: Digging a 200' well and connecting it to your structure with a 2HP pump.

8. Plumbing: The normal handyman is going to make their estimate with consideration to each individual component of the job. For instance, the establishment of no less than two cold water outlets will usually come in at an average cost of $45 - $65 an hour, in addition to the cost of the materials needed.

9. Electrical wiring and lighting: Electricians wages average between $65 - $85 per hour. This undertaking may be evaluated on a piece by piece basis, or the electrician may just do the job based on the square footage. This should incorporate no fewer than 4 outlets for every 1,000 sq ft.

10. Carpentry: The cost of carpentry will depend on the amount of work that is required. However, most craftsmen usually charge an average of $70 for every hour of work. The cost of the entire job may be estimated on a "per item" basis, or the craftsman may essentially construct it based solely on the square footage.

How To Get In Touch With Local Barn Builders

The cost for materials and labor to construct a barn or standard horse shelter can vary widely from region to region. If you would like a more accurate breakdown of the cost to build your barn, you can now get your FREE estimate with Homes Ace.

How To Get a Free Quote

To take advantage of this 100% FREE, no-obligation estimate offer, simply enter your home zip code in the space provided on this page.

Remember, there are absolutely no hidden costs attached to this offer whatsoever, so feel free to enter your zip to get in touch with professional barn builders in your area now!


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