Greenhouse Repair Cost


How Much Does Greenhouse Repair Cost?

Greenhouses are perfect solutions to people who want exotic plants which the weather won't allow them. It lets you create a controlled environment that will house your plants and flowers no matter the external environmental conditions. Keeping your greenhouse’s structural integrity is key to its success. 

You should handle all repairs on demand if you are to keep your plants and flowers alive. While a huge chunk of the cost to repair a greenhouse would depend on the extent of the damage, other factors will always come into play when pricing greenhouse repair. Here are the most common.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair a Greenhouse?

The cost to repair a greenhouse will depend on the material used to build the greenhouse. Polythene is cheaper than glass or polycarbonate glazed panels. Polythene is, however, weaker and won’t withstand severe storms or the test of time. A budget alternative could be acrylic which strikes the balance between versatility and cost.

The cost of the material is always directly proportional to greenhouse repair bills. This should always be a factor to consider when installing the greenhouse. With all factors held constant, most owners will spend an average of $1,500 to repair their greenhouse.

Smaller greenhouses built with less expensive material or anything with minimal damage will need little more than $400. A bigger greenhouse repair could cost upwards of $3,000.

Labor rates will vary depending on the extent of damage or skill of the contractor. Always talk to a couple of local contractors or contact your provider in case your warranty is still valid and you are eligible for repair discounts. This will help you keep your costs as low as possible.

Cost Breakdown

Breaking down the material, fixtures and labor rates will help you get a better idea of the cost to repair a greenhouse. Greenhouse repair can split into four distinct sections:

  • The framework
  • Foundation slab
  • The greenhouse wall
  • Systems used to maintain the artificial climate

Framework Repair

Most frameworks are made of treated lumber that is to some extent water and rot resistant. Others use aluminum or composite frames. You will have to match the material when doing the repairs to maintain the greenhouse’s structural integrity.

Foundation Slab

The foundation slab would definitely be the strongest part of your greenhouse. Very few people will have to repair the slab in a greenhouse. A good slab will keep your greenhouse firmly anchored for many years. It is your duty to repair any cracks or faults as they arise.

Greenhouse Wall

Greenhouse walls form the biggest part of the structure. They are the most import yet most vulnerable part of the greenhouse. Most damage occurs in the walls. You will have to pay for the replacement material. In this case, your greenhouse repair expenses will vary depending on the material used to create the walls.

Greenhouse Systems And Fixtures

If your greenhouse running a HVAC system, it will most definitely have an irrigation system. The extent of damage to these fixtures will determine how much you will have to spend to restore your greenhouse. 

Handling repairs as soon as possible will help to spread out the repair costs, hence making them more bearable as opposed to letting them accumulate to catastrophic levels.

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