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How Much Do Fire Prevention Systems Cost?

When you own a home, it simply means that everything within it is under your protection. One of the most common hazards in America is a residential fire. It’s only prudent to have reliable fire prevention systems installed to reduce the risk of a fire break out in your home. And even when a fire does break out, you can quickly minimize the damage.

There are different types of fire prevention system installations, each coming with each own special price tag. Whichever system you choose for your home, and whichever way you look at it, I think it's safe to assume that you’d rather spend some money than lose everything you've got, right? 

So, how much will it cost to install a fire prevention system in your home? 

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Fire Prevention System?

The simplest solution to preventing a fire in your home is installing fire extinguishers in accessible areas all through your residence. With as little as $20, you can get yourself a fire extinguisher. It’s usually recommended that every home should, at least, have a fire detector and a fire extinguisher on every floor. A fire detector often goes for $100, so the cost will depend on the number of levels in your home.

Other types of fire prevention systems include:

  • fire sprinklers
  • heat sensors 
  • smoke detectors
  • fire resistant wall paneling
  • fire resistant glass and doors

Fire Sprinklers

These fire prevention systems are mostly used in a commercial setting, but with the recent developments in technology, fire sprinklers have become very affordable. A regular fire sprinkler system goes for about $10 - $15 per foot. Depending on the contractor you use, the more footage you use, the cheaper the fire sprinkler installation.

Heat Sensors And Smoke Detectors

These are some of the most important fire prevention systems you can install in your home. A heat sensor or smoke detector sounds an alarm early enough to help you stop the potential or actual source of fire before it spreads out and causes damage. And the best part is that they only go for between $15 - $100.

Fire Resistant Wall Paneling

This fire prevention system comprises of two layers of sheetrock put together. It’s usually mandatory in a commercial setting, but you can also use it to fireproof your home. The installation usually goes for about $5 per sq ft.

Fire Resistant Glass And Doors

This fire prevention system guarantees you a 30 minute window period before the glass and doors give way to fire. You will find these in hospitals, schools, and commercial settings, but you can also add them to your home for better protection from fire hazards. The price range is $200 - $700.

What’s The Average Cost To Install a Fire Prevention System?

From all the different types of fire prevention systems to choose from, you can spend as little as $150 for a basic system, but effective fire prevention can be as high as $4,500 for a modern system. 

However, most households spend about $1,400 on a system that has the following items:

  • a fire extinguisher
  • heat sensors
  • smoke detectors 
  • a fire sprinkler system ( in some cases )

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In the US, fire breakouts are reported every 25 seconds with most of these fires taking place in residential settings. The fact that fire is the most unpredictable element, a tiny flame can easily get out of control within minutes, especially if you have a gas installation. 

You can take the proactive approach and protect your home and those you love by checking out quotes for fire prevention systems from professional contractors in your area.  

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