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How Much Does Safe Installation Cost?

A security safe offers space to store and protect your valuables from fires or burglar attacks. It is essential for you to install a security safe that is capable of storing your specific valuables since safes vary in shapes, thickness, and sizes. The mechanism of locking and opening safes also varies and it will be good for you to go through this with your contractor so as to find a safe that works for you. Always stick to a UL approved Group 2 lock or better.

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Safe?

The cost to install a safe will fluctuate depending on the size, resistance to fire and burglary, finish grade, and the type of lock. Keeping these factors in mind, the average price you’d expect for your safe installation project should be about $800 on average. However, if you need a small safe, probably one for storing documents only, expect to pay about $300. On the upside, a bigger and more secure safe should cost you in excess of $1500.

You shouldn’t entirely rely on the price of the safe installation to make your decision. There are many considerations to keep in mind. They include:

  • The level of security you need your safe to have
  • The items you wish to store now and in the future
  • The location the safe is to be installed
  • Labor

Although modern safes have adopted fingerprint identification technology and digital locks, the traditional dial lock and key mechanisms are still highly functional. The items you wish to store will influence the size of the safe you choose. You don't want to end up storing your valuables somewhere else just because you lacked space in your safe. A good contractor will make sure you get the best safe according to your budget as well as install it in a way that will make it difficult for burglars to access and open. 

Avoid settling for safe installation contractors on the basis of the price alone, and rather choose those who offer you value for money. The best way to achieve this is by comparing quotes from multiple safe installers. This will ensure quality guaranteed work.

How To Choose a Good Safe

You need general safe installation knowledge beforehand to avoid overpaying on a safe that should cost less. Here are a few essential factors to consider when selecting a good safe installation:

  • It should have thick solid steel walls and door
  • It should be heavy
  • It should have a UL approved lock
  • Quick and easy to open
  • The lock should have a re-locker
  • Should be of a custom size and finish

All the factors mentioned above will influence the cost to install a safe. However, if you overlook any of them, you might end up with a safe that provides little protection to your valuables. For example, a safe with a thin steel wall and a thick door will provide less protection since burglars will just cut the walls. Therefore, even if steel is expensive, it is an essential component you shouldn’t forgo during safe installation. Besides, your steel safe will last for ages.

Considering DIY For Safe Installation?

It’s not commendable to conduct safe installation all by yourself unless you are trained in the practice. 

First, safes need to be installed in a strategic position hidden from view and must be easily accessed by the owner. 

Also, the installation mechanism may be sophisticated and, in the case of a safe with digital locks, you don’t want to mess up an expensive mechanism. 

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