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How Much Do Interstate Moving Companies Cost?

Moving can be a very stressful time. There are so many different aspects which must coincide in order for the move to be ultimately successful. In order to get this done, you have to devote a lot of time to planning, not to mention the time it takes to pack all your belongings, load up, unload and unpack again once you arrive. There is, however, a way that you can make this all a bit easier on yourself.

With the help of a professional interstate moving company, the stress of packing, loading, lifting, unloading, and transporting all of your belongings is a piece of cake. They are not the cheapest way of doing things, though, but they are a lot less stressful to use.  Before hiring professional movers, it is important to know the costs associated with this helpful service. 

Factors Affecting The Cost of Interstate Moving Companies

There is a multitude of factors affecting the cost of moving all your belongings to another state. Because of this, there is no accurate way to calculate all the costs involved as they are usually calculated on a case-by-case basis. All of the following points should be taken into consideration when planning and budgeting for your move.


  • You can expect to pay a lot more for longer distances.The only actual fixed interstate moving company cost is the transport distance from point A to point B. This fee will remain the same unless you move to a closer home, so concentrate on the next variables.


  • The total weight of everything you are transporting will directly influence your final cost. Don't transport items that you don't need. Make an inventory list of your household items and eliminate the unnecessary ones to lighten the load a bit. On average, you can expect to spend between $0.50 - $1 per lb.

Time of Year

  • Try to work out the exact date of your move as it can influence your overall moving costs. May to September is the peak moving season and interstate moving companies will charge more during this busy time. Weekends, the end of the month, and holidays will cost the most. Depending on the scheduled moving time, you can expect to spend $200 - $450 per room on packing labor. Peak moving season can increase costs by up to 20%.

Moving Supplies

  • While you may be able to purchase your own moving supplies, an interstate moving company may insist that you purchase these items from them to ensure consistency and quality. Packing materials usually cost $100 per 3,000 lbs.
  • Specialty boxes typically cost more, such as wardrobe boxes. If you do not have a lot of time to prepare for the move, you can have the movers pack all of your items. However, you may find that some companies require this so they can guarantee items will not be broken during the move. 

Additional Services

  • Any additional services that you require from interstate moving companies will be added to your bill. This includes duties such as unpacking of boxes, custom crates, reassembling large pieces of furniture, servicing appliances, rigging, transport shuttles, and disposing of used packing material. Heavy items such as pianos can add $500 to your moving total. Labor to unpack can cost $500 - $1,000.

Finding a reliable, affordable interstate moving company is often very difficult. It's always recommended to compare at least 3 quotes from different companies in your region. This will ensure you get the most accurate, fairest price, enabling you to avoid any hiccups along the way.

Interstate Moving Company Cost Estimates

Generally, interstate moving companies offer three different types of estimates. Knowing the differences between them will help you when comparing quotes and forming a budget.

Binding Estimate: If you receive a binding estimate, you only pay the amount stated in the estimate. If your shipment weighs more or less than the amount quoted, you still pay the estimated amount. However, if you require additional services or items to be moved, your estimate may be revised.

Non-Binding Estimate: A non-binding estimate is created upon viewing the items which need to be transported. An estimated cost is provided for the moving service. The final cost is determined once all the items have been weighed. You will be liable for the final bill which will usually be more than the original estimate. The moving company cannot charge more than 110% of the original non-binding estimate.

Not-To-Exceed Estimate: A not-to-exceed estimate or guaranteed price is similar to, and is based on, a binding estimate. The difference is, the binding estimate will be the maximum amount you would have to pay. If the actual estimate is less, based on the weight, you will pay the lesser amount. In other words, the customer only has to pay for the lowest of the two estimates.

In some cases, interstate moving companies charge a flat fee for their services while others charge by the hour or by the weight. You may be lucky enough to find moving companies that offer packages which include travel, boxes, and other supplies needed during a move.

How Much Does an Interstate Moving Company Cost?

The following costs are based on a national average. Transport companies will usually send out a representative to your home to view the contents and provide an estimate based on size, weight, handling, and distance traveled.

On the low end of the scale, you can expect an interstate moving company cost to be around $3,600. This cost should cover moving a small distance along with a relatively small amount of items. On average, however, you can expect to pay in the region of about $5,600, and in some cases, it can even go as high as $11,600 for the move.

Consider the following table for average costs, weight, and distance:

Home Size Average Weight Transport Route Transport Cost
1 Bedroom Home 2,500 - 3,500 lbs New York City - Boston $1,800 - $2,600
    Houston - Los Angeles $3,500 - $4,600
    Chicago - San Francisco $4,100 - $5,200
2 Bedroom Home 5,000 - 6,000 lbs New York City - Boston $3,000 - $4,100
    Houston - Los Angeles $4,300 - $5,600
    Chicago - San Francisco $4,500 - $5,700
3 Bedroom Home 9,000 lbs New York City - Boston $4,600 - $7,500
    Houston - Los Angeles $5,500 - $9,000
    Chicago - San Francisco $5,500 - $9,000


Many companies will include the cost of moving insurance in their estimates. If not, you will have to purchase insurance for an additional fee, usually around $250. Insurance for the move will most likely include cover for:

  • loss
  • damage
  • theft
  • breakage

Some of the following items can be included in the move, but you are more likely to pay an additional fee. Be prepared to move certain items on your own as moving companies may not be legally allowed to move them. Items like this can include:

  • oxygen tanks
  • animals
  • flammable items
  • certain weapons
  • certain chemicals and other kinds of hazardous goods

You will need to prepare this part of the move on your own.

Costs Associated With DIY Moves

While the above costs may seem to add up, you will still need to anticipate paying for many things if you decide on a DIY move. This can include moving supplies such as boxes, a rental truck, mileage on the truck, dollies for loading and unloading items, and even furniture blankets.

You may even have to pay for insurance on the truck for damage or theft, and you will have to do all of the moving and heavy lifting too. Though an interstate moving company cost may seem high, it provides a lot of benefits. 

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