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How Much Does Piano Moving Cost?

Moving is an exciting time, yet it also one of the most stressful things you can go through. All of your belongings are boxed up and moved to a new location, many of which are truly valuable to you. The piano, no matter the style, is an important piece of furniture that requires extra special attention, so bringing in the professional piano movers to handle the job is important.

How Much Does It Cost To Move a Piano?

The 2 main factors to consider when trying to figure out the cost to move a piano are:

1. kind of piano
2. destination it's headed for

Kind of Piano

There are a few different pianos, some of which are heavier and more difficult to move than others. While electric pianos may fall under this category, you typically do not need special piano movers. With regards to actual, physical pieces of furniture, grand and upright pianos are the most common. There are many subcategories for these, but upright pianos typically cost less to move. These take up less space and, therefore, are easier to move through hallways and stairwells. While still heavy, a two-person team can handle it. 

Grand pianos, including the smaller baby grand, are much different. These pianos are especially large and may need to be tipped and shifted to move properly. Due to this, it is likely to require more movers, which means a higher expense.

Pianos are a very special instrument as it moves like furniture. When bringing in professionals piano movers, you need to make sure they specialize in this kind of movement. While the wood protects most of what is inside, improper handling of a piano can cause all sorts of problems, so hiring the right piano moving professionals is important.

Where You're Moving To

Not all moving companies charge based on floor or distance, but some do, so make sure to check in on this. Moving a baby grand piano to a fifth-floor condo without a large enough elevator can prove especially difficult and time-consuming, which means the cost to move a piano it is likely going to be more. In total, based on the kind of piano you move and some of the other variables attached to it, you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 and $800. Most American homeowners spend an average of $400 on a professional piano moving service.

The piano, while out of a controlled environment, will go through several temperature changes, which has an effect on the tightness of the strings inside of the piano. This affects the pitch, possibly of all the strings, so allowing the piano to set a few days. After that, it is always recommended to have it tuned.

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