Metal Patio Covers Cost


How Much Do Metal Patio Covers Cost?

Whether you have a need to install new metal patio covers or your existing covers show signs of wear and tear, you would be advised to hire the services of a knowledgeable professional who knows what he or she is doing. You must consider the key role that your metal patio covers play in possibly preventing property damage to your home. This damage can be the result of:

  • floods
  • heavy winds
  • hail 
  • snow 

Attempting to install metal patio covers on your own can be very tricky, and hiring someone without the skills necessary to perform the task could lead to serious structural issues! 

How Much Does It Cost To Install Metal Patio Covers?

Remember, not all covers are alike. Thus, the cost to install metal patio covers will vary depending on your circumstances. Choosing your metal is an important decision and one must weigh many options. There are many factors which should be considered in your decision, including:

  • safety
  • durability 
  • the look and overall aesthetic

Hiring a professional will ensure that your home improvement job is done correctly and on a budget that you approve beforehand. Obviously, with any similar type of project, complications could arise during your metal patio covers installation project. That is why you absolutely must consider all of the costs involved before getting started with any work.

Major Factors To Consider

Is your metal installation a relatively straightforward job in a new home construction? Do you have a large project that will involve the following:

  • debris removal
  • specialty equipment
  • additional manpower 
  • unique materials that may be awkward to handle

Regardless of your the scope of your project, the average cost to install (.1.) metal patio covers that a homeowner in the U.S. will pay is roughly $6.50 per square foot. This factors in all of the typical costs associated this type of project, which should include labor and materials. This does not include extras like steel posts, "I-beams" or heavier gauge panels. 

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