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How Much Does a Draftsman Cost?

Every dream home begins with a set of house plans. Without them, a building or renovation project will remain nothing more than a dream.

Are you considering building the home you've always wanted? Do you need plans to add more living space to the home you and your family already enjoy?

Before these dreams become reality, you'll need to turn them into plans by hiring a draftsman

A professional draftsman, also known as a building designer, will draw up an original blueprint of your new home ( or additional living space ) that will show not only you but your contractor what it will look like when complete. Such blueprints also show contractors what materials they are to use while working on your project. Many lending institutions also require blueprints before they will provide financing for a new home construction or home addition project, making a draftsman of utmost importance.  It's also important to realize that a draftsman and an architect are not the same things, and you could easily be forgiven for not knowing the difference. 

Type of Plans a Draftsman Can Do

The cost to hire a draftsman will be determined by the scope of the entire project. Adding a room will cost a lot less than drafting an entirely new house. Consider the type of plans you will require before calculating your budget. 

  • Pre-made plans: Pre-drawn home designs are generally cheaper to acquire. Most of these cannot be modified, however. If you are able to edit the pre-made plans from your draftsman, expect to spend anywhere between 20-40% more for them. Pre-made plans for a 3 bedroom house have become very popular and on will cost you an average of anywhere between $800 and $2,000.
  • Custom plans: If you would like a fully custom plan created specifically for you, expect a per hourly rate of between $100 to $130. Generally, completing a draft of the average 3 bedroom home takes about 10 hours. Budget for around $1,000 - $1,300 for the first draft. Any additions are usually charged for per hourly and can add another $800 - $1,400 on top of the overall cost to hire a draftsman.

If you think about it, a bigger home will have more interior and exterior features to design. Obviously, this increases the design time and the overall cost to hire a draftsman. If you need a draft completed faster, it could come at an additional 15-20% of the overall price.

Factors Influencing The Cost To Hire a Draftsman

The tools a draftsman use to draw up your blueprints will have an impact on how much you will pay for the service. Draftsmen may either use traditional drafting tools, which includes pens, drawing board, t-squares, a drafting machine, rulers, a compass and more, or they may use computer-aided design (CAD) technology to do their work. 

While a draftsperson who utilizes CAD technology may be cheaper, you may opt for a more traditional approach while drawing up the blueprints for your project. The choice is up to you and your personal financial situation.

It's also a good idea to have another set of eyes look over your blueprints before you actually begin work on your building project, regardless of its size or scope. An architect or general contractor could provide you with some valuable advice...

Usually, you’ll meet with a draftsman to discuss your ideas, and they will put your vision down onto paper. All of these professionals are qualified to draw plans that will satisfy council conditions for building approval, so it's important to check their credentials before you go ahead and commence any work. It's equally important to compare estimates in order to get a feel for what you should be paying in your area.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire a Draftsman Near Me?

It shouldn't surprise you that plans for an entire house will cost you more than plans for a one-bedroom addition to your home.

While it is true that you can save money by purchasing already existing blueprints, if you are building a home of your own or adding on to the one you already have, you' can enjoy the benefits of a custom blueprint.Once you hire a draftsman to create a plan that is tailored to you and your family's taste, style, and mode of living, you will realize the benefits far outweigh the costs.

Depending upon the size and scope of your project, the cost to hire a draftsman can be anywhere from $450 - $1,200 on the low end of the scale for a 1 - 2 bedroom home. Although the average homeowner pays around $2,000 for completing their plans, this price can increase up to as much as $5,000 on the high end for really large 4 - 5 bedroom homes, or more intense projects. 

Remember, give your draftsman plenty of time while drawing up your plans. A rushed job will cost you more. 

Additional Considerations To Consider

  • Architect - The area you wish to build is important. The zoning area must be suitable for residential building. This aspect is usually handled by the architect. It's important to note that an architect and a draftsman is not the same thing. Designs created by a draftsman will need to be signed off by an architect and structural engineer. Architects charge only slightly more and only require their work to be signed off by a structural engineer.
  • Permits - Permits for your new construction project can range in price. On average, expect to spend between $300 - $1,200 based on home size and features. The architect signing off on your blueprint will generally be able to handle these for you.

Get a Free Estimate In Your Area

As always, where you live will have an impact on what you'll pay for original blueprints. If you live in an area with a high cost of living, expect to spend a little more on the cost to hire a draftsman.

So, to get a better idea of what the cost to hire ?a draftsman will be in your locale, simply enter your home zip in the space provided on this page. Do so now, and you will receive a 100% FREE estimate with no contracts, no obligations or hidden costs whatsoever. Reach out to a professional near you now to get your project underway.


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