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How Much Does a Feng Shui Consultant Cost?

Feng Shui consultants can improve your residence in several ways. Feng shui philosophy can enhance the balance of your home decor, help people get along, and reduce stress. This could help you attain greater success in certain areas of life and it often benefits the appearance of a home's interior as well. If you're not sure how to accomplish this, a Feng Shui consultant can assist you. He or she will supply recommendations on how to rearrange items in your house for the best results. This type of professional will visit the home and carefully inspect it before providing advice. When possible, many consultants also examine blueprints.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Feng Shui Consultant?

Normally, the expense and cost to hire a Feng Shui consultant is entirely based on labor. A consultant typically earns $70 an hour or more. The consulting process usually lasts at least 120 minutes. It may take four hours or longer if you have a fairly large house (especially if there are numerous rooms). Although consultants generally don't sell any products, you might spend a little extra money to follow their advice. For instance, they sometimes recommend adding a few low-cost decorations to your rooms. This is only a minor expense as Feng Shui consultants primarily focus on rearranging the belongings you already own.

Are you looking for a Feng Shui consultant to add balance to your home? Before you begin hiring an exclusive specialist, we recommend you first compare quotes from multiple Feng Shui consultants in your local area. This way, you get the best deal and value for your money.

What Do Feng Shui Consultants Charge More or Less?

Consider the following factors which influence the overall cost to hire a Feng Shui consultant:

  • travel distance to your home
  • size and complexity of the house
  • existing or under construction
  • is a printed report necessary

This service is more costly if you request it during the initial home construction process. These professionals also tend to charge a bit more if they need to type and supply a report to you. You might pay extra when a consultant has to travel a long distance to your house. A home's square footage and amount of rooms also prove important. Larger buildings complicate the process and make it take substantially longer. You will also spend more if you need to pay a Feng Shui consultant to physically rearrange furniture, rugs, and household equipment in accordance with their advice.

Feng Shui Consultant Cost Breakdown

Different consultants charge flat, sized-based or hourly rates. The average total expense of this service stands at $700. This is enough cash for a lengthy consultation in a spacious house with many rooms. It will probably include a typed report with plenty of details. However, many homeowners only spend around $300. This will cover Feng Shui consulting for a home with about 1,000 square feet of living space. A few people pay bills as high as $1,500. The cost to hire a Feng Shui consultant could reach this level if you want recommendations for a large house that remains under construction.

Pricing varies considerably depending on where you're located. If no Feng Shui consultants are based in the area, you might need to pay substantial travel expenses. Various aspects of the local economy affect the cost as well. They include commercial tax rates, education expenses, fuel prices and advertising fees. Demand for this service varies by region as well. The above-mentioned low, average and high costs are merely national estimates.

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