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How Much Does a Garage Remodel Cost?

There are many reasons to remodel a garage. You could convert it into a more useful work area, like an office or workshop, or some homeowners prefer to turn it into living quarters. This option is most desirable when you need another bedroom, or want to create an apartment.

Regardless of your specific goal, a garage remodel will cost considerably less than building an addition or a separate structure. Remodeling projects involve a wide range of tasks, such as installing insulation and adding carpets. Several different professionals may also prove necessary, including an electrician, carpenter, and/or painter.

Factors to Consider

The cost to remodel a garage is dependant on many factors such as area size, type of renovations, quality of materials chosen, and local labor fees. The cost will also be influenced by the garage's current condition, its square footage, and its height.

It generally costs more to remodel a structure that lacks electricity, plumbing, and/or windows, and contractors will be required to ensure all additions comply with local building code. The same is true if your project calls for the creation of additional walls.

The regional climate also affects the heating and cooling needs of a remodeled garage. You might have to pay for more insulation if you live in an area with extremely hot or cold temperatures. If you plan on spending a considerable amount of time in the remodeled garage, you will need to install insulation. You'll also pay more if you want to add an attic or crawl space. 

Typical Prices For a Garage Remodeling Project

Because there are so many potential variations, one homeowner might pay up to 10 times more on the cost to remodel a garage than another. A basic DIY remodel of a 600 sq ft garage can cost as little as $2,000. Such a project could make the garage a more functional work area, but it wouldn't convert it into a living space. 

The average customer pays about $6,500 for garage remodeling. This covers the cost of things like additional windows, electrical outlets, and improved flooring. Contractors will charge around $1,200 to repair and coat floors.

The price can also come in around $20,000 when the homeowner elects to convert their garage into an attractive, comfortable living area. On the other hand, creating an in-law apartment, which includes its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and living space, can cost anywhere between $30,000 - $70,000 depending on your region and the extent of your remodeling project. 

Your garage's location will also have a substantial impact on the cost as well. Local building codes, permit fees and contractor availability varies from region to region.

A garage remodel can truly turn your mundane garage into one of the best parts of the home. It is highly recommended that you compare several quotes from local professionals to ensure you get a feel for what you should be budgeting on your particular project. 

Cost Breakdown

Among other things, the total cost to remodel a garage covers the expense of numerous materials. For instance, each square foot of drywall costs around $1.50. Paint adds about $40 a gallon to the bill.

Hourly wages also play an important role. You can expect to pay around $75 per hour for labor, and major garage remodels can take up to 2 - 3 weeks to complete. However, painting services remain significantly less expensive. Painters charge approximately $25 an hour or more, depending on your locale. Several smaller expenses also serve to raise the cost to remodel a garage as well. This includes the following:

  • permit fees
  • transportation
  • tool maintenance
  • insurance

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