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How Much Does a Home Automation Service Cost?

You might have heard about the new trend of smart homes. Imagine getting off the plane on your way back from vacation and setting your hot tub temperature and external lighting to be ready for your arrival. What sounded like pure science fiction just about a decade ago is now a common feature.

The concept involves home automation services which allow you to control various components within your home remotely from a phone or wall-mounted control panel. Common features vary a bit from one service to the next, but the goal always remains the same. Make your life easier and your home more secure. 

Features of a Home Automation Service 

Most common features of a home automation service will include the following:

  • control home lighting
  • lock and unlock doors
  • control heating and cooling
  • home theater controls
  • powered window treatment and blinds controls
  • lawn sprinkler system control

In addition to the abilities mentioned, home automation services are commonly able to be programmed to manipulate components within your home on set schedules. A good service should make your property safer. Consider getting mutiple quotes and make sure to also compare response times, warranty of parts, contract length, and annual service fees.

How Much Will My Home Automation Service Cost?

Smaller homes or apartments are more affordable than larger homes when it comes to nearly any type of upgrade or repair. The home automation services costs follow the same trends.

You can have some degree of automation added to your home for as little as $100 - $600, and more elaborate and comprehensive systems might cost as much as $5,000 for parts and installation. The average home automation service, however, will cost you in the region of about $1,300

There are three main types of home automation services:

  • Wired: A hardwired home automation system is typically the most expensive but also the most reliable. If you are able to have the wiring run during your home's construction process, you should be able to save considerably.
  • Wireless: You'll save more but may occasionally run into some issues with signal interference with a wireless setup.
  • Hybrid: A large percentage of systems installed today utilize this format for the sake of optimizing functionality while keeping your cost under control. The components that can be hardwired and the rest are managed through wireless sensors.

Cost Breakdown

Here is a breakdown to help you figure out the cost of a home automation service that will work for you:

  • Devices using a dual-mesh network relies on RF signals and existing wiring to transmit and receive signal functions. This makes all devices a "repeater", meaning all devices can independently communicate with each other. If there are more devices connected the network, their communication functions better. These transmitters cost $15 - $105 each.
  • The controller can function with all household systems allowing effortless remote and automated functionality. These can range from $130 - $1,600 depending on the model.
  • Noise filters are available in 10 Amp versions and cost $30 each. They prevent interference on the network from other appliances and electronics.
  • Couplers which can join multiple home automation devices, such as the Insteon and X10, average $70 a pair.
  • Wireless Insteon motion sensors, door sensors, and remotes average $30 - $40 each and can control up to 400 at a time.

Service Cost Breakdown

  • A monthly home automation services subscription, which includes monitoring, costs $35 - $60 a month on average. This fee will usually include any needed repairs.
  • Activation of your home automation services can cost $25 - $200. Though some service providers may not even charge for this.
  • Contract agreements usually last between 1 and 5 years.

Regardless of the type or level of complexity you choose for your home automation, you'll be wise to do your homework. Consider what you want most from your home automation service. Some systems provide mounted cameras for a home-security benefit and others have external interfaces which allow you to manage the temperature of your pool or your outdoor lighting.

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