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How Much Does a Metal Carport Cost?

Your car needs some form of shelter – especially when parked under the scorching summer sun or out in the freezing winter snow. While building an entire garage seems to be the most logical way out, you might not be in a position to fund a full-fledged garage project.

The alternative? A metal carport!

A good metal parking lot will not only shield your car from the elements but also provide you with an open outdoor working or sitting area. The cost to build a metal carport varies greatly but it will always be cheaper than building a garage. Read on to find the cost estimates and the different factors that determine the cost to build the carport.

How Much Will It Cost To Build a Metal Carport?

Size and design are always the greatest determinants of the cost to build a metal carport. Homeowners opting for modest carports should expect to spend as little as $3,500 while the more lavish builders could spend anything northwards of $17,500.

With these quotes being sufficient for a sturdy 26’x 26metal carport, you will have enough space to squeeze in up to two cars and even have some small working area. Since metal parking lots are complex structures, you must hire a professional contractor to handle the project.

Most people will spend an average of $6,000 on their metal carport lot. This cost covers all the hardware and labor needed to get the carport to completion.

If you are considering a new carport, coupling the carport installation with any specific additional fixtures will help you come up with a functional carport that will remain functional throughout the year, while keeping the total still within your budget. Speak to a professional and compare quotes for the best value for money.

Cost Breakdown

The money you spend in building the metal carport goes into purchasing different parts of the carport, additional material needed to support the installation, finishing products and finally the contractor labor charges.

Site preparation

Your contractor should handle all the local zoning commission paperwork before identifying and preparing the installation site. Preparation involves clearing the ground, choosing the right orientation and leveling the surface.

Creating the foundation

Even though most the parking lots sit on concrete foundations, some homeowners could opt to cut down on costs and make do with loose gravel. Using a concrete foundation will make your carport less messy, stronger, and give you the perfect setup should you chose to upgrade into a complete garage.

Purchasing The Carport

Your carport’s cost will first be pegged to its overall size. You will also pay more if the carport is specially treated to resist corrosion and rusting.


A final layer of paint will help you harmonize your exterior décor and protect the metal from the elements hence increasing its lifespan.

Additional Fixtures

Installing a metal carport will not only give you a place to park your car but also increase your property’s resell value. An open carport with a robust roof could be sufficient. However, some homeowners could explore the possibility of installing sliding barn doors and related hardware to give additional protection to their valuable cars.

Other important additional fixtures will include:

  • A working bench to furnish the working space
  • Installing gutters and eaves to keep the area around the carport dry
  • A storage loft to maximize the space between the roof and the rafters

How To Get a Free Estimate For Your Installation

The cost to build a metal carport will vary from state to state. We can make it easy for you. Simply enter your zip code in the space provided on this page to get a custom quote in your specific region. 

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