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How Much Does a Shower Enclosure Installation Cost?

All bathrooms revolve around the shower stall. It’s elegance and functionality is key to the overall décor and comfort of any bathroom. As such, most homeowners will be willing to spend quite the sum on the impressive shower enclosure installation. Since the shower stall sets the pace, its stature could range from cheap low range stalls to luxurious and expensive shower stalls that are as impressive as they are durable. 

The different factors that determine the cost to install a shower enclosure in your particular region make it hard to give an exact estimate, but you should expect the following:

Expect To Spend Money On

  • Purchasing the fixtures like shower pans and the shower stall that will go into creating the shower stall.
  • The cost of preparing the bathroom for the shower enclosure installation. This could include demolishing any existing structures, reinforcing the floor and altering the plumbing.
  • Labor costs on installing the shower enclosure. You might need the services of a carpenter to do the actual placement and a plumber to do all the related plumbing
  • Post construction cleaning and rubble removal services.

Why Install a Shower Enclosure?

Shower stalls are a great addition to any bathroom. They provide a simpler and faster way to showering, especially if you don’t have the time to soak in a tub. Moreover, shower stalls take less room and are appropriate to small bathrooms or homeowners on a tight budget. 

They offer the following advantages:

  • Light on the utility bills as you use less water and power as opposed to filling a bathtub with water. 
  • Reduces chances of accidents as you don’t have to step over the tub wall.
  • They fit perfectly and will leave enough space in your bathroom.

Remember that most real estate experts advise on at least a bathtub per house to improve on your resell value. Glass doors also offer an easier to clean surface, and although not totally immune, they are much easier to handle when compared a curtain full of mold and mildew.

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Shower Enclosure?

Shower enclosure installation is quite dynamic, hence hard to price. The cost to install a shower enclosure will vary depending on the necessary preparation and fittings.

For a basic model, you could be paying around $400 plus roughly $300 - $400 in labor to have it installed. However, if you are planning on a bathroom remodel to install your shower enclosure, you could be looking at anywhere between $1,000 - $2,000 for your shower enclosure installation.

A local home contractor with experience will be able to narrow down the cost to install a shower door to a very specific number upon your consultation.

Do not consider undertaking shower enclosure installation yourself. This task most often requires the expertise of a qualified contractor. We recommend you compare estimates from local experts to find a budget and contractor that suits you.

Understanding Shower Enclosure Installation Costs

Even though this might seem general and simple, the actual cost to install a shower enclosure will always vary depending on your preferences. 

For instance, if you choose to install ceramic tiles on the walls, you will have to spend more than someone who decides to just waterproof and paint the wall.

Other simple yet important factors that could affect your shower enclosure installation costs include:

  • The size and quality of the shower pan. An average shower pan could go for $350 while bigger high-end pans could go for as much as $800
  • Ceramic tiles can cost in the region of about $2.50 per square foot. Installing ceramic tile flooring to match the shower, anywhere between $11 - $22 per sq ft.
  • Plumber charge around $45 - $65 per hour to provide plumbing to code.
  • Carpenters charge around $65 - $70 per hour but often quote on a per project or per square footage basis.
  • A gravity-fed shower will be cheaper than running your shower water through a power pump while installing an intricate steam shower will have a huge impact on the overall cost to install a shower enclosure.

Keep in mind that your region and the contractors you choose to work with will have an impact on the cost to install a shower enclosure, so be sure to compare at least 3 estimates in order to establish the pricing trends in your locale. Also be sure to check references and view any previous projects they may have been involved in to ensure you get a contractor who fits your project. 

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