Bathtub Resurfacing Cost


How Much Does Bathtub Resurfacing Cost?

Bathtub resurfacing offers an effective way to revitalize most tubs. It eliminates unsightly dents and scratches. A fresh outer coating banishes discolored surfaces and makes the tub look like new. This task is sometimes part of a larger bathroom remodeling project. It involves extensive labor and some risk of injury or property damage, so many homeowners hire professionals. Although resurfacing efforts may be more costly than replacement bathtubs, they allow people to avoid paying for expensive plumbing and removal work.

How Much Does It Cost To Resurface a Bathtub?

Labor is by far the biggest contributor toward the final cost to resurface a bathtub. Hourly wages may range from $35 to $75. This part of the bill amounts to about $630 on average. It covers preparatory tasks, acid application, and sanding. Workers also need to apply primer before refinishing a tub. The entire process takes as many as 14 hours. Supplies only add around $70 to the price. Among other things, they often include primer, dent filler, protective tarps and hydrofluoric acid. Don't forget that a higher resale value may compensate for part of the expense.

Restoring the surface of your tub is not a simple DIY job. We recommend you compare quotes from several bathtub resurfacing contractors in your city. This way you get the best service at the best value for your money.

Four Significant Factors Involved in Pricing

The following points are the biggest influence in your final cost for bathtub resurfacing:

  • is the tub damaged
  • level of preparation
  • bathtub dimensions

This service will cost substantially less if you take the time to prepare a tub for resurfacing beforehand. Professionals charge smaller fees when a homeowner removes items around the bathtub, cleans it and fully dries it. This enables a contractor to begin the refinishing process right away. The dimensions and condition of the tub also affect prices. It will take more time to resurface a larger unit or a bathtub with considerable wear and tear. The bathroom size has a small impact on the total expense; it determines how many protective tarps are necessary and how much time it takes to position them.

Bathtub Resurfacing Cost Breakdown

You can usually count on paying no less than $400 to have your tub resurfaced by a professional. The service might cost this little if a bathtub doesn't have any significant damage. However, an average customer spends around $700. You could pay this much if there are numerous dents and scratches in a comparatively large tub. It's also possible to see the rising cost to resurface a bathtub hit as high as $1,000. This is more likely to happen if the contractor needs to move obstacles out of away and clean it before beginning your bathtub resurfacing.

Although it doesn't have as big an effect as it does on many home improvement projects, location still plays a role in determining the final price of bathtub resurfacing. Different regions have varying travel, supplies, and tax expenses. The affluence of your area and the demand for resurfacing services will also influence rates.

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