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How Much Does Adult Day Care Cost?

There are many forms of in-home care, but one type of care which is often overlooked is adult daycare. As changes in insurance coverage and services continue, families are looking for ways to care for their older relatives at home. Home care provides a safe, secure rehabilitation and care environment for your aged loved ones which is highly preferable to facility care. adult daycare is often the perfect choice for families as it falls somewhere in the middle between full home nursing care and leaving your relative entirely unattended.

How Much Will Daycare For Adults Cost?

The costs of adult daycare services can vary dramatically. Here is a general cost guide to help you find a program that is a good fit for you and your budget. In most areas the cost of daycare for adults will range between $40 and $70 a day. These prices all depend on how often the individual carer attends. If your loved one will be needing professional health care services as well, then the price could be increased to $100 per day.

In most cases the program will work alongside clients to work out a payment plan, and help retrieve any Medicaid assistance that could be available for the individual. Some private insurance policies are willing to cover some costs of adult daycare as well.

Your loved one’s doctor or the local senior center should be able to provide some reliable information concerning daycare programs in your area. When you are searching for an adult daycare provider, be sure you check their certifications and visit the facility or meet with the provider in person before agreeing to anything. Pay attention to small details such as cleanliness and the attitude of the staff you observe.

Finding The Right Adult Daycare Program

Daycare for adults is designed as an assisted independence. Those who benefit most from day care for adults are those who:

  • Need companionship and supervision
  • Do not require intensive medical treatment
  • Need more engaging activities in their day
  • Need a change of scenery
  • Need social stimulation
  • Need meals provided throughout the day

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