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How Much Does Senior Home Care Cost?

At some point in life, you have to make significant decisions when it comes to taking care of the elderly in your family. One of them is whether or not they require senior home care

A senior home care service is important, especially if you have a busy schedule, and there is nobody home to assist an elderly family member living there. When it comes to these services, however, price is usually the barrier where most people think twice.

There are three different options for taking care of the elderly; assisted living, home care agencies, and nursing homes. Although they have a similar purpose, all these services are conducted under different settings and will vary in cost.

How Much Will It Cost For Senior Home Care?

If an elderly member of your family is to go for senior home care, expect to pay $4,800 on average. Non-medical home care services that only include doing laundry, cooking and transportation will set you back a minimum of $2,500 per month. An adult day care center will sometimes charge upwards of $7,000 depending on the requirements of the senior.

The cost for senior home care is mostly influenced by the current health condition of the senior, the location of the residence, and size of the unit. There are also three main types of contracts that have a major impact on the cost for senior home care. They include:

•    Extensive or Life Care Contract - It is the most expensive contract and covers long-term care at no additional cost. It has a fixed monthly fee irrespective of the medical condition of the elderly. 
•    Modified or Continuing Care – Although slightly inexpensive when compared to extensive or life care contracts. It has a limit of the number of days one can receive long-term care. Although the initial costs might be cheap, expect increases depending on how long the elderly will stay here.
•    Fee for Service Contract –This is the least expensive contract of the three. However, expect to pay additional costs for extensive care or long-term care.

Given that the cost for senior home care is expensive, with a bit of planning and enough research, choosing a home care plan for a senior member of your family can be a smooth process while still ensuring monthly savings. If you are comfortable with in-home senior care, nothing should prevent you from going for it. However, if you need a senior home care environment where medication is easily accessible and help is given around the clock, you should consider spending extra for medical home care.

Alternative Senior Home Care

Home Health Aides offer talented care, for example, checking a patients' heartbeat, temperature, breath, and helping with restorative gear. They will visit the home on a daily basis to assess the needs of the senior and record their progress.

Definitely, you don’t want your loved one to spend lots of time in an environment with caregivers who aren’t professionals. This calls for careful research of a good senior home care agency that has a license and accreditation. If it is an independent worker, make sure he or she is certified to operate. It is always best to do your research first before you make any decision about home care for seniors.

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