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How Much Does Aluminum Fence Installation Cost?

Metal fences sit at the very top of domestic and commercial fence solutions. They are strong and versatile enough to fit a huge range of use case scenarios. Even though wrought iron fences are the more common breed in metal fences, aluminum fence installation is becoming increasingly lucrative thanks to its even balance of cost, aesthetics, and cost.

Choosing the right aluminum fence will help you attain high levels of security without the lingering repair and maintenance worry that comes with other types of fences, for instance, wood fences. The cost to install an aluminum fence will vary depending on a variety of factors.

How Much Will It Cost to Install an Aluminum Fence?

A low-end aluminum fence could cost as little as $800. This are small fences made of low-strength aluminum alloy. High-end aluminum fence installation, on the other hand, can cost as much as $7,000. If you are expecting to strike a balance between cost and functionality, you should be willing to spend an average of $3,200 on your fence installation project.

The cost to install an aluminum fence varies depending on:

  • The shape and the design of the fence. More corners translate to more money since corner posts are often costlier.
  • The durability of the aluminum alloy you settle for.
  • The overall size of the fence.
  • The existing market prices in terms of material and labor costs.

Labor rates will always vary depending on how much the contractor has to do when installing the fence. This is almost inevitable. However, you could keep your installation costs low by planning your project to go down at the right time. Before you have any work done, begin by comparing quotes from several contractors in your area. this will ensure you get a feel for the current pricing trends in your are too. 

Choosing The Right Aluminum Fence

The choice of fence material will have the greatest impact on the overall bill. You will have to understand your actual requirement before going out shopping. Going for a stronger alloy could be a good idea if you really need the security.

A cheaper allow would do just fine if you just want to create a subtle separation. The three greatest things to consider when buying your aluminum fence are:

  1. The thickness of the pieces and parts. Thicker parts tend to be stronger and costlier. Sometimes, you can get a good strength-cost balance without going for expensive alloy.
  2. Mixing aluminum with another metal creates a stronger alloy. Some manufacturers claim of having steel strength alloys. If you want something that strong, you will have to pay more.
  3. The finish on the aluminum fence. Most aluminum fence installation jobs won’t need extra finishing especially if you bought a specially treated fence.

Avoid installing your fence during winter. The extreme weather makes it hard to dig holes hence the contractor will charge you more. Most homeowners will opt to install or repair their fences in summer hence contractors tend to be in high demand. Study your local market and find out the best time to hire without conflicting with the weather.

How To Get In Touch With Local Professionals

Other simple tricks that will help you keep the costs low could involve finding a supplier who will deliver the fence as an after sale service or handle all the pre and post-installation cleaning on your own. This will always bring the billable work hours low hence helping you lower the aluminum fence installation costs.

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