Electric Pet Fence Installation Cost


How Much Does Electric Pet Fence Installation Cost?

Pets are adorable – even if they do both the right and the wrong thing within a specific perimeter. The pain of searching for your cat or dog, however, is more excruciating than anything else. Due to their size and cunning, using a physical fence is rarely enough to keep many pets in the backyard.

You may have to invest in electric pet fence installation to make your home pet proof. Choosing the right fence will ensure that you span your entire property and that you keep your pets safe without posing an injury hazard to them or your family.

How Much Will It Cost To Install an Electric Pet Fence?

The cost will vary depending on the kind of fence you go for. The average cost to install an electric pet fence is anywhere around $1,100. However, most of the homeowners will spend anything between $500 and $1,600 to get their electric pet fences up and running.

Since most of the fences are easy DIY installation pieces, you might not have to spend as much on installation labor, but getting professional assistance is the only way to get the job done correctly. You will have to choose between:

  1. Visible fences that use a physical above the ground wire that will send mild electrical jolts through anything that comes into contact with it.
  2. An invisible fence that combines a single perimeter wire buried underground and a pet collar that sends the signal to the pet.

Invisible Vs. Visible

Invisible electric pet fence installation is a convenience. They will only affect the pet wearing the tag, nothing else. This means that your property won’t have those menacing electric fence cables that are a hazard to everyone. Since the fence sends the signal straight to the controller on the dog’s collar, it will only activate on demand, hence saving on power. The top benefits of using the invisible electric pet fence include:

  • They are easy to install and configure. You can always DIY.
  • One fence can control multiple pets. All you have to do is add a tag controller.
  • The fence consumes less energy and won't skyrocket your utility bill.
  • It only uses one strand as opposed to visible fences that use multiple strands, lowering the overall cost to install your electric pet fence.

The biggest problem with an invisible electric pet fence installation is that it won’t offer your property any security and will only be an hindrance to the pet wearing the collar. A visible fence could keep intruders off your premises too. It's highly recommended that you get in touch with local specialists to discuss the best option for you and your pets. 

Other Cost Determinants

If the installation will cover an extensive area, you might have to call in the professionals to help you do the job. The hourly rates will vary depending on the contractor, your boundary shape, and the soil structure. The overall cost to install your electric pet fence will also be determined by some of the following:

  • Whether you will install a solar charger to manage power blackouts.
  • Any additional accessories, for instance, lightning protection or high-quality wire for longevity.
  • Desired amount of shock. Some pets can adapt to tiny doses of shock rendering the fence useless.

Once the fence is in place, you will need a professional trainer to accustom the pets to the perimeter fence. The pets need to associate the shock to leaving the required perimeters.

How To Get In Touch With Local Specialists

To get a more accurate breakdown of the cost to install your electric pet fence, simply enter your zip code on in the space provided on this page.

Local contractors will reach out to you with a 100% FREE, no-obligation estimate. There are no hidden costs attached to this offer, so feel free to enter your zip code now to get in touch with a specialist in your area. 


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