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How Much Does PVC Fence Repair Cost?

The modern day building and construction industry are moving from traditional and more expensive building material into new composites, vinyl and PVC solutions that are relatively cheaper to install and maintain. PVC fences lie in the latter category. They are the latest low-cost sensation sweeping the market by storm. However, regular maintenance and repairs are inevitable if you are to maintain the undeniable PVC fence aesthetics. Your PVC fence repair bill will vary depending on a number of factors. Here is the cost to repair PVC fence, estimates, and a couple of factors that will dictate your repair bill.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair PVC Fence?

Even though the individual PVC panels might be more expensive than wood panels, the ease of installation makes PVC fence repair cheaper. Expect to spend as low as $100 on minor repairs and up to $1,000 on major repair jobs on bigger fences. Most people will, however, spend an average of $500 to restore their PVC fences.

The cost to repair PVC fence will vary depending on what section of the fence is damaged. PVC fence repair on panels is simpler and cheaper since all you have to do is replace the damaged panel or panels.

Repairs addressing the fence’s structural integrity or decorative features of the PVC fence could, however, be more expensive. The repair material will not only be more costly, but your PVC fence repair will charge more for the entire project.

Your fence repair quote should be within range of these estimated figures, no matter the complexity of the job. You should always get follow up quotes from other contractors whenever you feel that the current quote is too high. This will help you settle for the best deal the market has on offer.

PVC Fence Repair Cost Breakdown

Most of the accurate PVC fence repair estimates will only happen after you have a professional inspect your fence. Only then can the contractor know how much time and material will go into repairing the fence. 

A PVC fence repair bill will generally center around:

  • The cost of purchasing the replacement material and delivering it to your job site. This will vary depending on your market prices and the proximity of the store.
  • The time and effort spent in preparing the workspace. This will include getting rid of any rubble and protecting existing fixtures.
  • Garbage and rubble disposal.
  • The actual labor that goes into the PVC fence repair job.

Most of the PVC fence repair contractors will charge per hour. The bigger and more complex the project the more the contractor will spend repairing your fence. The overall rate per hour depends on the complexity of the job and the skill needed to handle the repairs.

Keeping The Costs Down

Doing a bit of legwork before calling in the PVC fence repair guys could help you keep the bill in check. Some of the things you could do to mitigate the cost to repair a PVC fence include:

  • Cleaning up the fence in preparation for the repair.
  • Cleaning off any rubble and debris around the repair area.
  • Organizing for cheaper and more efficient transport options to bring in the spares and dispose of any garbage after the PVC fence repair.

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