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How Much Does an Electrical Outlet Installation Cost?

Most homeowners in older homes can attest to the annoyance of too few electrical outlets. Plugging in appliances and electronics requires extensions and unnecessary planning, and you’re bound to have exposed cords cluttering the room.

Whether you need to increase the number of outlets or simply want to upgrade existing, older outlets, electrical outlet installation is simple, and the cost can be surprisingly low.

Unless you have some knowledge of residential electrical systems,however, this is a job for a contractor. Taking on a DIY electrical project exposes you to a significant risk of injury and you also run the added risk of electrical fires, code violations, and insurance claim denials.

Cost Breakdown Of Electrical Outlet Installation

The cost to install electrical outlets will be influenced by factors such as:

  • labor 
  • materials outlet types
  • necessary inclusions

Electrical outlet installation is a task best left to a professional. The consequences of a mistake can be fatal. It's highly recommended that you get in touch with local contractors to do any and all electrical work you require. 


Electricians average about $60 - $80 per hour, but electrical outlet installation isn’t especially time-consuming. Consider all of your electrical needs, and hire a contractor who will be able to provide electrical wiring to code while performing a number of tasks. You may be quoted on a per item basis or even based on the number of tasks to be performed. 

Outlet Type

Standard 120-volt outlets will probably take less than 30 minutes each for a full install of around $100 each. Most heavy-duty outlets won’t differ much on cost, but grounded outlets, like those required for bathrooms, kitchens, or areas with the potential for moisture exposure, could take up to an hour each for installation. If you require heavier duty 220V - 240V outlets, expect to spend $100 each. Outlets near a faucet or shower also require GFCI anti-shock technology which costs an additional $120 each. 

Necessary Inclusions

Your contractor may also need to wire your new outlets into the existing electrical panel, and he will run conduit as needed. If you’re installing heavy-duty outlets, the panel will require an upgrade and could take a few hours. This is a pricier element of electrical outlet installation, but it is absolutely necessary and will set you back around $500 or more. 

Think about updating your two-prong outlets to the modern, three-prong variety too. If you’ve considered child-proofing your outlets, the cost should also be negligible when added to the work you’ve already commissioned.

Other Factors To Consider

Other expenses may include:

  • A new circuit to prevent overloads will cost around $85.
  • A set of three-way switches includes wiring, two switches, and a box which will cost $60 - $75.
  • A new wall switch that controls the outlet will cost around $60 extra.

What Is The Overall Cost To Install Electrical Outlets?

The average cost to install electrical outlets can vary quite a bit. Generally, installation can be $200 at the low end for a new outlet, or adding a new circuit so that it won't have to share one with nearby receptacles.

The average American homeowner, however, generally spends anywhere from $350 - $500, but under some circumstances, this bill could be in the region of about $700 at the top end for multiple new GFCI outlets or a single 220-240V receptacle for larger appliances. 

It's always recommended that you compare quotes from electricians in your region to get a better idea of what you should be paying, and don’t forget to ask contractors about warranties and insurance too.

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