Antenna Repair Cost


How Much Does Antenna Repair Cost?

Your home's TV antenna can experience repair issues simply because it is exposed to the natural elements. Accidental damage can also occur which can cause reception issues. In general, it is recommended to consult with an antenna repair specialist if you are experiencing problems which may include:

  • pixelation
  • loss of picture
  • freezing of picture
  • poor reception

Your professional can survey your unique situation and effectively diagnose the issues you are having. In addition antenna repair specialist can offer budget friendly solutions to issues including repair or replacement of faulty equipment and poor antenna location.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair an Antenna?

Homeowners can expect to pay anywhere from $100, up to as much as $500 to repair their antenna. Most Americans spend an average of $200 on repairs. This cost can be affected by a variety of factors including:

  • size and complexity of repairs needed
  • regional location
  • current pricing trends

It is important to keep in mind that you may experience additional costs should your contractor find the need for additional repairs that were not included in the initial estimate. 

These additional costs can include extensive wiring repairs, difficulty accessing connections and wiring that run through your home, as well as extra parts and materials needed for repairs. 

Make sure to talk with your contractor ahead of time to discuss any unexpected costs that may arise during your antenna repair project.

Because this work is done on the roof of your home, it is not recommended to treat your antenna repair as a DIY project. Experienced professionals have the specialized training to diagnose and troubleshoot connections and equipment, which can help keep your cost to repair an antenna down.

How Can I Find an Antenna Repair Specialist In My Area?

Finding the right contractor for your antenna repair is essential to a worry-free project. 

With the right professional, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing the job is done right while avoiding unnecessary costly mistakes due to inexperience and/or lack of specialized tools and knowledge that can add to your bottom line. 

By simply entering your zip code in the space provided, you can be connected with antenna repair specialists in your area. 

You can also take advantage of a 100%, absolutely FREE estimate on your cost to repair an antenna from a local contractor with no obligation to you whatsoever. 

Don't wait, entering your zip only takes a moment of your time. 


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